Exploring a huge map is definitely one of the most desirable features that gamers expect with The Sims 4 title.

The game release was expected for a long time but EA decided to focus more on their Sims 3 franchise and continued releasing DLC updates. With so much time spent in development, there are plenty of new exciting things that players expect to be part of the game. Among them, larger maps and more places to explore continue to be the top priority.

When games like Skyrim and GTA can achieve it on consoles as well as windows platforms, it shouldn’t be such a huge problem for the developers to incorporate it into this title. Besides the game is a real life simulator which means there should be room for players to explore and having the freedom to travel around a city is important. It started off with only a small community of neighbors in the past. But with next gen graphics and processing power coming up, it is high time that the developers incorporate more options to meet new people in this addictive title.

Realistic Graphics

While the DLC packs brought a variety of stuff to the game including pets, ghosts and aliens, gamers expect The Sims 4 to have all of these by default while introducing interesting single player campaign elements. If the size of maps are increased as proposed, having a vehicle to drive around is mandatory and it will most probably look like GTA 2 from a top angle view. The game will have better graphics because with next gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 having excellent graphics processing power, it is much easier for the developers to enhance the quality of textures without compromising number of frames per second.

The game will look exceptionally good if there is significant improvement in the overall visual appeal of the title. EA is the publisher of one of the most visually stunning titles Battlefield 4 as well as the upcoming Plants vs Zombies game. If they can bring such quality into their games, promoting the Sims by pushing Maxis is definitely a feasible task.

Playing Through Ages

The Medieval age DLC pack released as a single player campaign was exceptionally well done because it subtly incorporated RPG elements into the real life simulator. Players opine that it will be a great addition if The Sims 4 has such addictive single player campaign missions. Another expectation is that the ability to live as a person in different timelines is expected. It will be fun to not only be during the medieval age but can also be a person in the renaissance period, the British colonization period or even a futuristic world such as the Jetsons is what players want to be in the game. Such feature updates will also increase the number of job options they have, places to explore and provide a completely different outlook into history as well as the future years. The release date for the game is yet to be confirmed and more info on features expected can be known only after that.

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