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Temple Run 2 Free Will Undoubtedly be Your New Favorite App to Download


To say that Temple Run was a hit would be an understatement.

It was not just a hit – it started a genre that we will all come to love. It became a success that the developer made a new version which is also supported by millions of fans. Temple Run 2 Free is one of the top games of 2013, and if you have not downloaded the game yet, then you’re definitely missing out. Temple Run 2 is one of those games that will make you glad that you were able to download and play.

Release of Newer Version

The game had been anticipated for a long time before it finally went out. The fans of the first version had been eager for the game to come out and when it did, it was immediately downloaded 50 million times in just 13 days. The fans were not disappointed because the latest version was equipped with new features that they have enjoyed immensely. Here are reasons why you should download this app for free.

Very Addictive Gameplay

Sure, the gameplay and concept are not different from its predecessor, but upgrades were made to make the game better. You will still play the same characters, and you will still be running endlessly away from some beast. The pursuer has changed from the old version, though. If before you were being chased by three demonic monkeys, this time, you’re running away from just one monkey, albeit bigger and scarier than the last time.

Better Graphics

If there’s one thing that fans have appreciated most in Temple Run 2 Free, it’s the newly improved graphics. Colors were more vibrant and the environment is pleasant to look at. There are also additional sceneries that you have not seen in the original version such as waterfalls, curved roads, and hills. Temple Run 2 Free uses the same controls as the first game, so if you have been a fan of the game before, you’ll be glad to know that it still works the same.

All-new Settings

Temple Run 2 Free is packed with new dangers that are bent to make your life more difficult. If you’re used to seeing the boring, old, jungle, get ready to be surprised because this latest version is not having any of that. The game is played in a sky setting and at the beginning you will be guided through a zipline through the clouds. You will be running through forests, mines, and ruins in the sky.


Temple Run 2 Free does not tell a different story from the original version. If you loved playing the original game, then you will surely enjoy this new version as well. It’s the same endless running story, with the same gameplay but with different settings. But it’s still the game that we have enjoyed immensely in the past. If you haven’t gotten tired of running endlessly from scary-looking pursuers, make sure that you include this game in your next download. It’s free and worth every minute of your playing time.