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Viber for Desktop – You’ve Now Got a Free VOIP App for Download


Most of us today use Viber through our mobile phones.

However, the company has launched its Desktop version that is available for download for Windows, Mac as well Linux platform. This is good news for people who like to make calls out of their homes or offices. This also makes Viber more competitive in comparison to Skype. Users can now turn their desktops into calling machines with the Viber application and carry out business as usual. The new version offers seamless integration with your existing mobile application. A simple set up offered by the new version can make its acceptance across the 200 million users faster and easier. Here is a brief guide to installing Viber on your desktop.

Requirements for Viber

You need to ensure that you meet the hardware requirements to download Viber on you Mac or Windows desktop. You require a minimum 1 GB RAM of internal memory space. You require a microphone as well as speakers to make voice and video calls. A Bluetooth receiver compatible with AD2P is also required for using BT devices. You need to have Viber on your mobile before you can access the Desktop version. You would need a Viber 3.0 version for Android and the iPhone. You will need Viber 2.4 for Blackberry.

How to Install Viber Desktop?

You can download the Viber installation file from the company’s official website. Launch the application on your device and hit ‘Yes’ on the Welcome screen. You will now be asked if you already have Viber on your mobile. After you give an affirmative reply to the question, you would be asked to enter your mobile number or your Viber ID. After this, you shall receive a 4-digit access code on your Viber linked mobile through an SMS. Feed in the code and finally read and accept the User License Agreement to get started.

Latest Features of Viber Desktop 4.1

The latest release of Viber Desktop offers its users a host of new features to improve the overall user experience. It allows the users to view the members in a group conversation through a display suitably placed at the top panel of the screen. The new version offers flexibility to talk to individual members of a group by scrolling over them. If you are too busy to type or read messages on your desktop, use the push-to-talk option to send and receive voice messages. There is more. The latest version displays the last online status of your contacts. So now you can see which contacts are online though the application. With so many power packed features, Viber Desktop 4.1 deserves a try.

The easy installation process on mobile phone is being replicated in the Desktop version’s setup. Once you download Viber Desktop, you can continue to make HD quality calls at cheap rates, exchange texts, and stickers with your contacts and also make video calls from your desktop. If you are on a mobile call, you can even transfer your ongoing call to your desktop and vice versa. With such amazing synch options, the desktop version is likely to become as popular as the mobile version!