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Yahoo Messenger Free Download – Is It the Leading Free Instant Messenger?


Are you familiar with instant messengers or IMs? Have you ever used one?

In the world we live in today, most of us would have answered yes to the above question. Instant messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication today. You can instantly send and receive messages with friends and family who are miles away. You can also send and receive files, pictures, as well as voice messages through many of these IMs. Most of the IMs are free and can be downloaded for use on your phones, computers, and tablets. Yahoo Messenger is one of the leading free IMs available for download. It was launched by Yahoo Inc. in 1998 and was originally known as Yahoo Pager.

How Do You Start Using Yahoo Messenger?

Using Yahoo Messenger is simple and easy. You can start using it right away. Create a generic Yahoo account with an available Yahoo ID of your choice within minutes. Start using the Yahoo Messenger for chatting and other functions. This Yahoo ID can also be used for other Yahoo services such as exchanging emails, file transfers, webcam hosting etc.

Basic Functions of Yahoo Messenger

You can now go mobile with Yahoo Messenger. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You can use the lightweight version of the messenger in your mail where you can even view your conversation history. The IM offers a colorful and customized interface suitable for informal chats. The application takes 15 MB space when you install it. The application offers address book integration that helps you maintain all the contacts at one place. It allows the users to add custom status messages to their profile that can be viewed by their friend list. Yahoo Messenger was the first IM to introduce one of the most admired features called Buzzing. Due to the jazzed up Graphical User Interface, the IM is predominantly used for informal conversations.

Some Exciting features of Yahoo Messenger

Some of the other features that Yahoo Messenger has to offer not only make it very useful but also a lot of fun to use. Yahoo Messenger includes IMVironment that can customize the theme and flavor of the message windows. The IMVironment feature also includes some very popular characters such as Garfield and Dilbert. Yahoo also allows users to play real time games like pool and checkers or watch videos with each other. Users can now even connect with their Facebook friends thought this IM. One of the latest features introduced is Avatars through which the users can make a comical representation of themselves. The extensive use of animated emoticon in Yahoo Messenger adds a lot of fizz to the chatting environment.

Chatting with friend is now more than a robotic exchange of telegraphic messages. With innovative and dynamic IMs like Yahoo Messenger, the chatting experience for users all over the globe has become more colorful and lively. As the IM continues to get better with time with new add-on features, the users will continue to enjoy a bug free environment to communicate in a fun way!