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Download Candy Crush Saga – Free Hints to Score High


Have you tried the sweetest and most delicious arcade game called Candy Crush Saga?

Millions of gamers around the globe love the graphic play that the game offers. The sugar-toned artwork and honey coated voice over in the game has a crooning effects for the players. The game looks simple and alluring like a candy shop in the beginning but starts getting complicated after some levels. This sugar-trail based arcade game has millions of fans hooked on to it. You may have seen your friends spamming your Facebook account urging you to try out this game. If you still have not played this game, it is time to give this game a serious short. You can use the below hints to make a high score.

Watch Out to Score High

Do not get carried away by the stunning graphics and artwork of the game. Keep an eye on the lives that you have. These lives are limited. Also, keep an eye on the number of turns you take while playing a stage. You may feel great about matching candies but it does not mean that you are winning the game. Focus on aspects that increase your score, as you need a certain score to complete a puzzle. You can also buy Charms like the Charm of Life that can give you additional lives.

Boost Your Score

It is fun and simple to match three candies at a go. However, you can give a bigger boost to your score by matching four or five candies at a time. When you match four candies a special candy is generated that can blast away an entire row when matched with two other like colored candies. Use your Power Candy strategically to boost your score. Use trial and error to understand which candy combination clears a bigger blast and use your Power Candy accordingly for a multiplier score. Try to combine two color bombs together to blast away everything on your board and reap a higher score.

Smart Tips to Play

The game gets locked after a few levels unless you refer more friends on Facebook to play this game. Instead of spamming your friends you can wait for sometime to play again. If you have been playing the game on your phone, you can now play the game with a fresh lease of lives on your laptop or vice versa. You will get plenty of tips in the game. Use these tips effectively but do not depend on them completely. There are times when you may not be able to find matches for a long time. This is when these tips will be flashed to you. You can unlock a few boosters that can help you power-up your game. However, these power-ups come at a cost. If you wish to enjoy the game at no cost, you can give them a miss.

Get a high dose of sugar with this candy laced game. Enjoy the rewarding sounds of the voice-over every time you match candies. Get hopelessly addicted to this colorful candy puzzle and share your score with your friends with joy!