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Flappy Bird Free – A Huge Spike in Download


Flappy Bird is a free game that you can download for Android or from the iOS app stores.

The latest rumor about the game is about the supposed removal from both Apple stores and the Android ones. The creator, Dong Nguyen, is supposed to have stated that he was not able to take in the criticism and had decided to delete it from these marketplaces. Whether this is actually going to happen, still remains to be seen. However, speculation is going around claiming that it is a marketing masterstroke on the part of Dong Nguyen in order to boost sales or it could be because he wants to evade lawsuits. It could also merely be an effort to throw the spotlight away.

A Marketing masterstroke

According to some, the announcement has turned out to be a marketing masterstroke, whether it is intentional or not. As of mid February 2014, the game has still not been removed from the stores and the number of reviews being done on it seems to be increasing on a daily level. This kind of jump is something amazing and is a result of an increasing number of additional downloads by users.

Making it Scarce

There seems to be a sudden increase in the number of downloads of Flappy Bird after the announcement. This is similar to the Disney vault strategy, where the movies used to be locked up in the vault and would be taken out for sales for a short period from time to time. Due to the scarcity, there would be huge sales, as people feared it would soon become unavailable. Fans would keep as many copies as they wanted and everyone would make a rush to see that they didn’t miss out on it.

A Frantic Rush

A similar syndrome is being seen in the case of Flappy Bird. Many new players are rushing to download the game, fearing that it might go away within a few days. The game is supposed to make almost $50,000 on a daily basis and it’s rather strange that such a game is being shut down. This has led to the theory that it is a kind of marketing masterstroke by Nguyen, just in order to increase the number of downloads. Even if the app is removed from the stores, it will still be on the phone of those who have already downloaded the free game on their phones or their tablets, along with the in game advertisements. This will ensure that the revenue continues to pour in even if the active selling is stopped.

Defensive Strategy

The announcement could also be a defense in order to avoid being chased by Nintendo, whose art design is clearly seen in the artwork of Flappy Bird or even by Piou Piou, which also seems to have been an inspiration for cloning the titular bird.

An Attempt to Shed Spotlight

It is also possible that the announcement was a bid to shed the spotlight. However, it didn’t exactly work out that way. Nguyen has increased his Twitter followers by an additional 60,000 after the announcement. By announcing the erasing of this most popular game, he had no hope of drawing less attention, either from gamers or the press.

The truth is that after the announcement there has been a spike in the sales of the game download and it will bring the developer revenue even if it s removed.