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Gmail Free Download – How to Auto Unsubscribe Promotional Mails


Gmail recently made a major change to how your inbox looked.

They made two new promotions and social tabs, so that when you log into your account, you only see the important mails. The promotions and social mails go directly to their corresponding tabs, leaving your inbox clutter free. Recently, Gmail made another interesting update to its interface. It introduced an auto unsubscribe feature that makes it easier for its users to unsubscribe from the mailing lists they no longer wish to be on.

Where to Find the Auto Unsubscribe Link

Gmail used to have a very small auto unsubscribe link at the bottom of every promotional mail. However, it has now moved the unsubscribe link and made it very prominent. The link can now be found right next to the sender’s name so that you do not even have to skim through the mail. If the sender is someone you don’t particularly want to get mails from, you can simply click on the unsubscribe button and get unsubscribed from their mailing lists automatically. There is also the previously used ‘unsubscribe and report spam’ button which allows users to simultaneously unsubscribe from a mailing list and report the user as a spammer.

Why is this Good News?

If you are part of a lot of mailing lists, having this option can be really beneficial for you. You can now manage your mails much better than before. Though it is not very apparent, this is good news for the marketers as well. The easier unsubscribe features allows users to stop the mails by unsubscribing, instead of marking them spam. They are also more likely to click on unsubscribe link than simply ignoring the mails. This helps marketers improve deliverability and work on better inbox placement.

Will it Take Care of Spam?

The great news about this update is that the unsubscribe link will only be featured next to reputed senders. Unless a user has established a positive sending history, they will not have the unsubscribe option listed for them on their mails. Those who have been marked as spammers and phishers, will neither be allowed to send mail to your promotional tabs, nor would they have an unsubscribe option. Such mails will continue to land automatically into your spam folders. This way, the auto unsubscribe feature is actually a privilege that only a select number of users will have.

How Does this Help Google?

With its recent spate of very interesting updates, Google has already placed itself much ahead of other mail clients, including Yahoo and Hotmail. Anticipating something so basic, yet important as the users’ need to find a visible unsubscribe button has been an extremely welcome move. If marketers are able to understand the rationale behind this move, they can benefit a lot from this and can also lower their spamming reputation. While some people are upset because Gmail has taken the lead in deciding what mails users can and cannot receive in their inbox, all in all, this is an interesting and welcome update that makes everybody’s lives much easier.