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Google Chrome Free Download – A New Sheriff in Town


Taking Over Firefox

For a long time, Mozilla Firefox was the preferred browser for power users, as it had great features and was known for its openness and its extensiveness.

However, Chrome from Google is also a light and extensible browser, which is also open and, today, it seems to have won over a great chunk of Firefox’s user base. Of course, one should always be grateful to Firefox for rescuing users from the clutches of Internet Explorer, but it seems that there is now a new sheriff in the town, with Google’s Chrome taking over Firefox, especially among the power users.

User Friendly

The reason could be the minimalist approach, where the interface makes it very easy to navigate. There are fewer bells and whistles. Moreover, Chrome updates itself automatically. This makes it user friendly and free of maintenance problems for non-geek users. Google chrome is also well integrated with Adobe and automatically updates the Flash player that is used in almost every site, whereas other web browsers have not done this.

Fixing Problems

Chrome has made a lot of improvements to browser experience and fixed several nagging problems, which we did not even realize existed till it came along. For instance, you can install the extensions without having to restart your browser. The tabs on the browsers are isolated into individual processes, so even if one of them crashes, the browser still stays on. Another useful feature is that if you close one tab, the other tabs will not resize till your mouse leaves the bar, so that you don’t click on it accidentally.

Creative interface Solutions

Chrome offers several new user interface features, such as consolidation of the search box with the address bar. Of course, Firefox is also equally innovative, but somehow it always just seems to be catching up with Chrome. Chrome also offers accelerated updates almost every six weeks. These updates might just be incremental, but they are offered at shorter intervals. This is better than receiving a massive update after a long wait. The new features and updates can be added to the browser once they are ready instead of waiting for a huge list to accumulate. The browser starts improving by bits and it means that you have to learn a little bit at a time, getting familiar with one or two new features.

Google Fans

For Google fans, there’s a lot more that’s attractive about Chrome. The browser is able to sync your browser data and can bring them all together into the user’s Google account. If you are a Google user, the giant is already looking after your email, web searches and so on, so in a sense, all your eggs are in one basket. This is not too bad as the basket is quite a tempting one.

Functionality and Extensibility

User experience is more important than anything else and Google’s Chrome is faster, not only due to the interface design, though it does have a very sleek design. Information and sites are delivered in an easy and quick way. The browser is fast and offers functionality as well as extensibility. It also offers a browser sync feature with extension syncing, which means that you can work on any device and get the same setup.

The Upshot

Seeing the trends today, Chrome seems to be the best browser in town and no wonder, the competition always goes to the one that benefits the user the most. As far as Google Chrome is concerned, no user seems to be complaining. In fact, among all web browsers, Chrome is the only one that is experiencing a constant increase in its users and, today, it is in an elite group among the top three browsers in the world. The backing by the name Google could also have played a major role in its amazing popularity, as people trust Google due to its impressive web presence.