Designed to engage players for a while before the title update 14 hits the platform, developers 4J Studios has come up with the city texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360.

The newly released update is just days old and has already gained massive momentum because of its creative design. The team claimed that some creations made by ardent players inspired them to release a pack that purely focuses on urban architecture. It is more like an engineering mod for the game using which players can build corporate towers, buildings, pyramid, ships and many more. Some of the exciting stuff that they can build was shown using samples on the XBLA but the developers clarified that none of the maps shown there are for sale. Similar to the adventure mode expected with the next update, this gives another opportunity for you to explore some exciting urban buildings and it is fun to see zombies roaming a corporate office setup. All the necessary items including furniture and wall hangings are provided with this pack.

City Texture Pack Is Ready

For those who can’t wait, it is good news that city texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 is already available for download. Similar to the older packs, it is priced at one dollar and has the option to allow players to try it before they buy. There will be no restrictions on the amount or type of structures one can build but to save it, the purchase has to be officially made. As the pack is available right now, players will most probably have started creating some exciting maps already which may get released within the community. The XBLA blog describes it as a creative pack which is made for the inner architect and allows them to shape the world around them. Apart from the pack, there is another business themed addition which gives players slack, ties and a wardrobe. The player community had doubts whether this will slow down the creation of title update 14 which is something they have been looking forward to for a long time but the developers confirmed that this is not meant to be a hurdle. The team hardly spends much time in creating such packs while the entire resources are focused only towards the main release that the community wants to see on their console.

Additional Updates

The team might also be working on a candy crush pack and other interim release. As they confirmed that title update could be weeks away, some of these stuff are designed to keep Minecraft Xbox 360 players busy until the feature comes in. It will bring a lot of new stuff to explore including an adventure mode, desert temples, jungle temples, emeralds, npc trading and much more. Many of the upcoming updates are already confirmed with the screenshots released by the company. They also revealed a dedicated interface teaser that revealed dye armor and dyed wolf collar updates. The trading allows them to get emeralds if it goes successful with a villager for which there should some valuable items in the inventory.

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