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Surface Pro 3 Release Date Expectations – Bigger Screen and Storage

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With the radical changes the tablet brought into the market, Microsoft created great hype for the upcoming Surface Pro 3 product which is expected to be officially announced somewhere in September this year.

The product is expected to be more sophisticated that its predecessors and will have more storage space, at an affordable price range. Even though the ones that got released are competitively priced with the likes of other ultrabooks in the market, consumers opine that a decrease in its price category will push sales to greater extent. Besides, people are already looking for a viable alternate to a bulky laptop which the Surface products can ably match. There is also an expectation to see other screen sizes rather than the standard 10.1 inch versions released so far. This will bring the tablet in competition against the offerings made by Apple and Google.

Varied Screen Sizes

Bigger screen sizes are always in demand but with the evolution of smartphones, there are consumers who wish to own a smaller sized compact version of Surface Pro 3. The expected size range is most probably at 8 inches but there is always a market for the 7-inch variant as well. It is up to Microsoft to heed ears to these user feedbacks and come up with a product that can change the way people use technology. Windows did this decades ago, Xbox became an important console in the industry and it wouldn’t be surprising if Surface tablet can achieve phenomenal success. The product is powered by an Intel i5 processor and the new version could move up to i7 processors to render more power to the user. Despite the higher power, the tablet requires another integrated component to be more productive.

Dedicated Graphics

Graphics cards, a component that will definitely bring the best out of Surface Pro 3. The tablet is already powered by one from Intel but for users who wish to do Photoshop work and video editing, a dedicated card from AMD or Nvidia is the way to go. It will make it a full computer without the size and bulkiness associated with a desktop. The tablet is definitely portable with a keyboard cover that makes it productive as well. The work remains in the hardware area because Windows 8.1 is already improved and has been gaining user’s approval these days.

With the release date anticipated towards the end of 2014 most probably, expectations are growing high and the manufacturer should work hard to cope with it. While these are the major changes expected, the product may already have the necessary ones. It includes the USB ports, camera and card reader. Most of them are part of the tablet in the Pro 2 edition itself and it is expected that the trend will only continue with the new version of the device as well. Whether Microsoft will come up with something exclusive or bring about an innovation that will change the world can be found once they announce an official release date for the tablet.