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Android Apps on PC – 5 Free Downloads You Will Absolutely Love


If you are absolutely in love with your Android phone, and would love to have a similar experience on your PC, there are ways to do it.

You can get some very nifty Android emulators that let you use your Android apps on your PC so that you can enjoy them even if you do not have your Android phone on hand. Here are the top five Android emulators for your PC.


This emulator is ideal for your Windows, Linux, or Mac computers. It is hardware accelerated and it is especially designed to let you run all your Android apps on any device. It is easy to download and use, but there is a downside to it too. While Genymotion is excellent software that allows you to run your apps on your computer, it does not allow you to do so in full screen. So if you are really keen on having the entire experience, this is not for you.

Android x86

This is a great free Android emulator that offers you generic .ISO files. The software has been designed to run on x86 tablets, computers and laptops. However, if you do not have any extra hardware to install it on, you can use VirtualBox. Android has begun to offer x86 emulator support, so this is great news for both app lovers and developers. In fact, you can even access Google Play with it. So far, this is the best emulator you can get your hands on.


This is another free software that lets you run Android on your Windows PC only. It works a lot like the Android-x86, but the great thing about this software is that it is standalone and you do not have to download or install any other software such as VirtualBox. All you have to do is download the Windroy .exe file and install it on your computer. This offers you a full screen experience unlike Genymotion. The downside is that you cannot access Google Play store with this software.


Whether you are using a Windows or a Mac, BlueStacks is what you need. This is a great Android emulator that lets you download and run any Android app on your computer, and these would run just as any native app would. So if you are looking for a glitch free, excellent Android experience on your computer, this is the software you should install. Apart from being technically sound, BlueStacks also lets you connect to the Play store through a cloud. BlueStacks is absolutely free for right now but it is looking for partners and may soon come at a price.

Android SDK

This official Android emulator can be downloaded through Google. This is a decent emulator that lets you access Android apps on your PC. However, its performance is not as good as any of the others available for free downloads. Android SDK has been designed for developers, and therefore the performance as an emulator leaves much to be desired.