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Candy Crush Saga Free Download – a Cross Platform Masterstroke


Facebook Rocketing the Success

What started as a casual game by King has turned into a phenomenal success, with Candy Crush Saga becoming the most popular game on the social networking site Facebook.

The game was first created for the platform in March 2011 and it was later launched for Facebook in April 2012. When social elements were integrated in the game, it became much more popular. Later on, the free game was also launched on the iOS and the Android during 2012 fall, accelerating the success of the game to being the top among the Facebook games, with a total of 50 million active users on a monthly basis. The game was able to leverage through the web and mobile devices through Facebook and became one of the most downloaded applications in the App Store and a top grosser on Google Play.

The Game

The game is a simple one requiring the player to match three candies or more in a row or a column to make them disappear. You can create different types of power sweets by combining them, which helps clear the board faster. You can play the game on the website a well as through Facebook. You can also sync the game from one platform to another.

Cross Platform Strategy

Going cross platform seems to be a masterstroke for Candy Crush Saga. When the game was launched for mobile versions, it used the people who were already playing it on Facebook on their PCs or notebooks and this resulted in greater engagement. Mobile device players who had already played the game on their PCs would receive bookmarks and notifications on their Facebook native applications. This led to a quick spread of the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga. Engagement of users also increased as they could play on their mobiles as well as their PCs, with statistics showing that users who used both their mobiles and their desktops for playing the game showed greater engagement. Playing on different platforms can be very beneficial for users. For instance, they can start playing the game while on their way from college, school or work and continue it on their PCs when they come home or vice versa. It offered them a consistent experience with several devices. The game was also synchronized across the different platforms, in case of crossing levels and purchasing boosters and so on.

A Compelling Game

Apart from such strategy and the role of Facebook in its success, the game inherently had great graphics, the sound is great fun and the gameplay is very sophisticated, requiring certain skills that challenge players to use their intelligence. Instead of it merely being a solo game, it evolved into a game that was socially integrated, increasing competition and engagement.

Mass Appeal

The developers call it the best time killer app. It has mass appeal, as you can start playing immediately. It is easy to pick up the rules of the game, as it has a very intuitive interface. The application is available as a free download and the game also has cash incentives that can help the users go through the levels of the game. For instance, if the five lives offered at a time are finished, the game gets locked out and you can only come back to it after 30 minutes. However, if you pay a small amount, you can start playing immediately. You can buy boosters like a lollipop hammers from the store, but can also earn such boosters on a daily basis for free, using the Daily Wheel. Players can also ask their friends on Facebook to help them out with lives or help them cross certain barricades. In fact, it can be played entirely for free without spending even a cent, as the developers claim that 90% of players have reached high levels just with the help of friends or even by themselves, without purchasing any of the boosters.