Clash of Clans is an action packed warring game where you build a village and guard it from enemy attacks.

While you are doing it, you can collect gold and elixir to carry on development work, and join a clan to request for protection when you need it. You can also raid the villages of other players and loot both gold and elixir. Your clan may donate troops to aid you in your raids. The warfare of the game is very interesting and addictive and though the game looks and sounds very simple, it is more complicated than that. Here are some tips and tricks to help you ace it.

Save Your Gems

Your gems are your premium currency. Though you can win some gems in-game, you get only a few gems on completing complicated tasks. Therefore, always conserve them for the times when you really need them. It may be tempting to speed up some of your tasks using your gems, but do not be tempted into doing so because your gem stores will deplete faster than you could imagine. When you have enough gems in your game, you can put them to some good use. You may have already used up a lot of your gems during the tutorial, so do not use any more of them unless you really need it.

Pay Attention to Both Offense and Defense

Both your offense and defense are very important. Therefore, as soon as you have enough gold and elixir, start working on these two. Build your walls, canons, archer posts, and traps and keep upgrading them. As you progress in the game, you will be able to build air defense systems as well. Only after you have strengthened your defense, should you start upgrading your resource buildings and focus on other activities. You can also train your army and put more trainable troops in queue. These troops would not be trained unless there is space for them, therefore you can turn your barracks into non raid-able elixir storages.

Have as Many Walls as Possible

An important aspect of this game is to have as many walls between your resources and the outside world as possible. So focus on building your walls and keep your resources protected. Don’t leave any gaps in your parameters. The more walls you have, the more levels of defense you can create to guard what is precious. Provide a buffer zone with other buildings and your walls. This will make the attacking parties take a longer time to reach your resources, and give your defenses more time to destroy the enemy troops.

Pick Your Battles Carefully

Random opponents are offered for battles, but before you begin dropping your troops, look at your opponent’s town hall level. If your town hall were at a higher level than your opponent’s was, you would not be able to loot a lot of their resources. For getting larger plunders, it is advisable to always attack villages that have a higher-level town hall than yours. You may have to create a bigger and stronger army to take on such opponents but your plunder would be worth the effort.

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