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Download Adobe Flash Player 13 Free for Better Online Streaming Experience


Adobe has recently announced the availability of the Flash Player 13 beta version.

The meaning of beta version clearly indicates the Flash Player 13 is still at development and testing stage and some users might experience problems while viewing content in their browsers. While there are no confirmed or published reports about errors encountered by the users. You may go ahead and download the beta version and install it on your computer.

Adobe Flash Player 13 Beta Version Is Free

Flash Player 13 is free to download. Windows users have the option to download plug-ins for their browsers or download standalone installers that does away the need to install plug-in for different browsers. Adobe offers separate plug-in for Internet explorer and other browsers. Macintosh users can also download the plug-in or standalone installer.

Uninstalling Old Flash Player Versions

Adobe strongly recommends uninstalling older versions of Flash Player before installing any version of Flash Player. Before uninstalling Flash Player, close all programs such as Internet browsers, and messenger applications. Also, ensure there are no application processes running in the memory that might be using Flash Player. Adobe provides an uninstaller to remove any version of Flash Player. Download it and run the application and follow on screen instructions to uninstall Flash Player from your system. Once the uninstallation process is completed, restart the system and install Flash Player 13 on your computer or Macintosh. If you are not happy with the performance of Flash Player 13, you can always uninstall it and install Flash Player 12. Adobe recommends you to use Flash Player 13 uninstaller to remove Flash Player 13 beta version from your computer.

System Requirements for Adobe Flash Player 13

Windows system needs to have at least an x86 processor with 2.66 GHz clock speed or more. Netbook users need to have at least 1.6GHz Atom processor. The minimum RAM requirement for Windows system is 512MB though Adobe recommends 1GB RAM for smoother functioning of Flash Player. Your Windows system should also have minimum 512 GB dedicated graphic memory. Other system requirement includes any browser such as Chrome, IE 8, Firefox 17, and Opera 11 and above. The beta version is compatible with 32 bit Windows XP and Vista systems and 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 and 8 systems.

What Does Adobe Flash Player 13 Have?

The Flash Player 13 beta version brings better support for CCJK characters and emoticons display. The new Player has an improved support for Textfield that enables your computer to display complex CJK characters in a better manner. The beta version also provides a solution to user complaints where the message ‘Press Esc to exit Full screen’ has been moved to the top level of the screen where it does not obscure any content displayed on the screen. Thus, Flash Player 13 allows you to enjoy full screen content in a better manner.

Issues Fixed In Adobe Flash Player 13

Adobe has fixed the problem with HTTP live streaming. The Flash Player 13 effortlessly switches between Audio only stream and Audio/video Stream. The new Player is also more stable than the earlier version of Flash Player.