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Fallout 4 May Support Mods on Release Date

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It doesn’t come as a surprise given how successful Skyrim turned out to be because of the huge amount of creative mods players came up with.

On the same lines, the most anticipated title that has been under wraps for more than three years, Fallout 4 may support mods right out of the box. By supporting mods, the developers mean to say that it will not be demanding gamers to churn out complex coding to be able to make their creative ideas work but rather make a few tweaks which will import the program instantly. Players have been asking for such level of convenience even on the PC platform where it’s usually free for creative minds to roam.

Developers in an attempt to make sure players are not able to easily make changes to the game’s core coding architecture, will make it difficult to add mods. Despite all these hurdles that they face, the fan community always make sure that they come out with flying colors. The same cannot be said for console gamers mainly because they are playing on a closed system where such changes are nowhere feasible and the platform manufacturers wouldn’t want such high tech stuff on the console which are meant to be more focused on casual gamers.

Consoles Have Changed

It is a known fact but according to game director Todd who is an important personality in the Fallout 4 team, things might change this time around. Consoles are no longer the same because next gen machine released by Microsoft and Sony are more like a computer. They use the same 32-bit architecture which not only makes it easy to port games from one to another but also pave way for mods to be introduced.

The director revealed that the team was surprised with the level of success achieved on PC and the sales trend they witnessed. Some of the ideas that players came up with were quite impressive and even the developers were wondering why they didn’t think of those things in the first place. It is a new era and when the game launches, it will be on par to be called as a next gen titles.

Bethesda May Develop It

Speaking to the press during the event, Todd said that they are now working on some random ideas. It is not confirmed what will make it to the Fallout 4 game but the promising next gen consoles gives them better hope. The team will now be able to make decisions and implement ideas on a larger scale because of the increased processing power of the new consoles. It will also be open to creating mod support for PC versions and most probably for Xbox One, PS4 as well. Bethesda Studios worked on the last Fallout game that was released in 2010 but they confirmed that the core team is now busy working on a new title from 2013 onwards. It clarifies that they may not be developing future game series while some other studio will be given the task. A formal announcement is expected to come out soon.