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Google Hangouts – Download and Enjoy Free Video Chat


Skype has been synonymous with video conferencing for many years and Google Talk has been a preferred IM for most users.

However, with Google Hangouts, the latest IM and video chatting platform in the market, the equation has skewed towards Google. Hangouts is Google’s version of a chat room where multiple users can communicate through texts, pictures, documents, videos as well as video chats. There are several distinguishing features of Google Hangouts that make it a preferable option for users who want to enjoy video chatting. Read through some of these features and make a switch to Google Hangout for video chats with your friends, family and business associates.

A Better Interface

It has a simple and clean GUI or Graphical User Interface, making it usable for both professional as well as personal video chats. It is easy and fun to use at the same time. You can create a chat room in Hangouts and check it before inviting other participants. Google Hangouts has a simpler and seamless process for sharing screens than Skype. Since it is integrated with Google Drive, it allows you instant access to data for sharing with other participants. The chat history is neatly archived and synchronized with Gmail. The video chat runs on all leading platforms like Firefox, Windows, and Chrome.

More Features

Unlike other popular Video Chats, Google Hangouts allows up to ten participants to chat together at a time. This makes it an ideal option for classroom training or web seminars.
Enjoy a host of apps like Google Docs, SlideShare, and YouTube with Hangouts. With these apps, you can watch videos, play games, and do much more than just chat with your social network across the world. You can access these apps by clicking the Add App tab and browse through a list of apps to choose from. Google Hangout also allows you to add a user to a video call by directly calling him or her on his mobile or landline number. Currently users can enjoy free calls to USA and Canada. You have the option of broadcasting your video chat live on the Google plus stream as well on the YouTube channel. This can be done using the Hangouts on Air option. This can however not be done privately.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Using Google Hangouts requires a very minimalist setup. You can access Google Hangouts though your web browser. There is an automatic download of an add-on browser. You need to log into your Google account that is linked with a Google Plus account. This account also gives you a host of other services that you can enjoy.

It Can Get Better

While Google Hangouts has a host of advantages, some users complain that the streaming speed gets compromised when multiple users are added to a video chat. Some people complain that some of the apps are media rich and can freeze the browser. The video quality of Hangouts is average and it could be made better. It gets grainy sometimes and the audio cracks up on occasions. Google Hangouts is not supported by Android engineered devices.

The final verdict is that Google Hangouts like most Google products is likely to get more popular with time. While it needs to tweak its performance in some areas, some of the existing features are truly mind-boggling!