Filmed by the astronauts as well as described in their own precise words, as we all have visualized in the Hollywood massive hit Gravity, the ISS happens to be the most dodgy and treacherous place colonized by man. Channel 4 will be providing the users with a great opportunity to observe a 90 minute live orbit of our earth as it is seen from the actual International Space Station (ISS). Beyond this revolutionary tad of TV, the live telecast from the space series begins with this astounding impends into regular day to day life for three astronauts who managed to make the ISS their momentary home.
Space station
This series is hosted by none other than Dermot O’ Leary, and to our fascination, it is completely filmed by the three astronauts themselves as well as described in their own beautiful words. If considered dramatically, ISS is slightly like camping as per the thoughts of the astronaut Koichi Wakata. Hair cutting, preparing meals, eliminating and throwing away the thrash, getting all the groceries etc, all these factors and tasks present some entertaining challenges. And when these astronauts send their grimy laundry back to their houses, it will probably vaporize while it hits the atmosphere of the earth.

As informed to the channel, the chief purpose of all such vastly expensive operations as well as danger to life, is to basically carry out some essential scientific experiments. It is all up to you whether you choose to believe it or take it as something fake. Some of science done by the channel might appear to be strange enough, even for the channel itself. This is explained by Rick Mastracchio when he leaves an envelope filled with ants in zero gravity. But the people working in the mission control provide them with a surety that it is all very essential stuff.

Astronomy & Space Live from space series by Channel 4 now helps you witness an...