Top Pros for Nokia Lumia 520

When compared to the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance, the specs of the Nokia Lumia 520 score in several areas.

For one, the Nokia Lumia 520 has a higher pixel density of 233 ppi, when compared to 199 ppi of the Core, offering a higher density of 17.09%. Nokia Lumia 520 is also lighter at 124 g compared to 145 g of the Galaxy Core Advance and has a Gorilla glass that is missing in the Core Advance.

Nokia Lumia can also get direct updates from the OS vendor, so you do not have to wait until the network provider or the manufacturer releases the update, whereas this feature is not available with the Samsung Core Advance.

Nokia Lumia 520 – Better Performance

The device offers quicker downloads at 21 MBits compared to 14.4MBits of the Core Advance, which makes it 45.83% faster. The phone also has an FM radio with headsets. The IPS screen technology is much better than normal matrices, offering better response time and better viewing angles along with improved color reproduction. Sound quality is better as it has 2 microphones against the one microphone in Samsung Core Advance. This also filters unnecessary background noise.

Better Camera Features – Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 also has a shutter that is two staged, which improves photography. You first have to apply pressure for focusing and then press it further to take the picture. The dedicated camera button also enables better photography. Further the camera also has manual exposure feature that allows you to set it manually. The camera can take better pictures even in low light conditions, without using the flash.

Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 520 also enjoys the advantage of Windows Phone 8, whereas Samsung Core Advance does not have this feature. The HDR mode is built-in and it can therefore, take photographs having a higher dynamic range. Microsoft Office is another advantage with the Nokia Lumia 520, especially for those who require the service for their work. In addition, the child lock in Windows Phone 8 can help those who wish to share the phone with others, as you can restrict some of the features.

Where Samsung Core Advance Scores

However, the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance also has a lot going for it. It has a greater battery power at 2000 mAh compared to the 1430 mAh of the Nokia Lumia 520. The CPU is also faster at 2. 1.2 GHz compared to 2 x 1 GHz, which makes the CPU 20% faster. The RAM memory is greater at 1 GB compared to .5 GB. In addition, the screen size is bigger and at 4.7” instead of 4” and it is thinner offering a better user experience. NFC enables wireless connectivity. It uses a flash for taking pictures in low light conditions and this feature can also be used as a flashlight.

Samsung Core Advance – Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

This is one major advantage enjoyed by Samsung Core Advance. Firstly, it can play Adobe Flash. Word Wrap is a very useful feature while reading or zooming. The device is also customizable, such as home screen, with a good sharing menu feature. Various virtual keyboards are installable from different vendors.

Why Nokia Lumia 520 Scores

The Nokia Lumia 520 also has a touchscreen that is very sensitive and is glove friendly, which is very suitable for cold climates. You can play the Xbox Live on this phone, as the online service works through 300,000 servers for playing online. It also has apps like the Photosynth and the ‘Here Drive’ that are exclusive to windows Phone, which can never be replaced by an Android app.

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