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Tired of Angry Birds Free? Download Smash Hit Instead


Angry Birds Free is an app that seems easy enough.

However, when you start to play it will leave you more frustrated. It may look simple, but if you’re not the best in Physics or if you don’t know how to plot trajectories, chances are you will end up being annoyed more than being relaxed while playing. Angry Birds Free is not advisable to play if you wish to take a break from a demanding workload as it will only add more stress to you.

How Angry Birds Free Works

Angry Birds Free works as you propel different birds using a slingshot towards an obstacle where your targets, the green pigs, are hiding in the center. Hitting your targets will earn you points and will qualify you to the next level. Using the slingshot will require careful planning and the right angle, so if you don’t know your Physics, you will just have to rely on trial-and-error, which is not always a good thing, especially if you want to win the game using your own skills.

Introducing Smash Hit

A slightly similar app, Smash Hit, also requires throwing with proper trajectories in mind but instead of living things, you will be throwing balls. This game is free to download as well and it is fast becoming the leading app in the App Store and Google Play Store today. Unlike Angry Birds Free, Smash Hit does not rely on trial-and-error. Your throwing skills will help you with your progress. Smash Hit is easier to play than Angry Birds Free, and in our opinion, more fun.


Smash Hit requires you to throw balls at glass obstacles that are in your way while you’re flying through different 3D worlds. At the start of the game you will have 25 balls to work with and throwing the balls towards blue crystals will earn you respective number of balls. If you fail to smash an obstacle and hit them, you will lose 10 balls. When you’ve run out of balls to throw, the game is over. You will reach checkpoints where you will restart over after running out of balls. The catch is you will have to get the full version for $1.99 to make use of the checkpoints.

This App is Just Better

Full version or not, Smash Hit is the new favorite app of a lot of people, with its beautiful 3D dimensions, upbeat music, and the satisfying sounds of glass breaking. The gameplay is simple just like Angry Birds Free, but Smash Hit will make you more eager to play. Just like with every other game, the game gets harder with each level, but there’s something about Smash Hit that will make you want to play even more when the level gets harder. If you feel like Angry Birds Free is old news, and want something fresh and a better app to play, Smash Hit is what we recommend you to download. It’s free to download, and even if you don’t want to buy the full version, you will still enjoy every bit of your playing time.