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Flappy Bird Free Download – Is It Coming Back?


Flappy bird has been an insanely popular game that was created by Dong Nguyen.

Though it was one of the most addictive and highest ranked game, it was mysteriously withdrawn from various app stores by its creator. Now there are some rumors of the game’s resurrection later this year. In a recent interview, Nguyen was reportedly heard saying that he might be willing to relaunch Flappy Bird.

The Rise of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was released in May 2013. It immediately became a hot favorite with people from all over the world downloading it and rating it high. The game was an instant hit and quickly climbed the top of the charts on both Apple’s and Google’s App Stores. It was reportedly doing great business, bringing in about $55,000 per day for its developer. Those who downloaded Flappy Bird before it was pulled off have been still playing the game and making hundreds of dollars for Nguyen every day.

The Lure of Flappy Bird

A simple game with simple graphics, the rise of Flappy bird to one of the most downloaded and popular gaming apps of all times has certainly been amusing. Though the game play appears very simple at first sight, it is very difficult and requires a lot of concentration and practice. A lot of players believe that the game is addictive because it was so simple to play and yet so difficult to win. The frustration of not being able to win a level despite it being so easy added to the desire to keep playing – which ultimately led to it becoming so addictive.

The Sudden Disappearance

What left most Flappy Bird enthusiasts perplexed was the sudden disappearance of the game. Just as the game had become a huge success, suddenly it disappeared too. However, the stresses of the game’s success got to its creator. There were rumors of Nintendo threatening to sue him, and he became so popular that he began receiving death threats as well. As Nguyen went on a depressive downwards spiral, he began contemplating suicide. Finally, he decided to pull the game off the app stores. He declared that pulling the game back had given him a new lease on life and he was feeling more peace and relaxed than he had since the release of the game.

Latest Developments

In a recent interview, Nguyen claimed to be contemplating the return of Flappy Bird. Though he is not planning on releasing any new versions or making any changes on the game, he may re-release the previous version of it. However, this time the game will come with a warning of its being addictive and will also carry regular flashes of ‘please take a break’ messages so that players would not get addicted to it. Meanwhile Nguyen is working on a few more games, which also includes a chess game named as ‘Checkonaut’ and another one called ‘Kitty Jetpack’, which is a flying game. Both of these are due to be released later this month.