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Free Antivirus – Best Apps for Android Available for Free Download


Android is becoming increasingly popular and this has led to an increased number of security threats.

Many security companies have now designed antivirus software to protect Android devices from security breaches and threats. Most of them are priced very cheap, but there are many others that are completely free of cost. Here are some free antivirus software that guard your smartphones from malware and viruses.


This great security app has no hidden costs to it. You can download it on your Android powered smartphone for free. Apart from antivirus protection, it also offers you a lot of other impressive tools as well. It scans all your apps to make sure they are not installing any malware or spyware on your phone. It also helps you locate your phone remotely if you lose it or it gets stolen. It can also lock your sim and beep a siren if anyone tries to break into your phone’s security. It does not drain out your battery, unlike some of the other antivirus software available for Android.

360 Mobile Security

This is yet another great mobile security software that offers you complete protection from malware, spyware and viruses. It has a great detection rate of 99.9% and it keeps upgrading its virus signature database so that you always have what you need. This extremely streamlined app with very elegant design does not put a drain on your battery power. The software’s real time scan also prevents any app from installing any malware or spyware on your phone.

DroidDream Killer

If your Android phone has been hit by the malicious DroidDream malware, this is a quick fix for that. This device prevents the malware from infecting your phone and its contents. It works once the malware has already been installed on your phone. However, the developers of this quick fix solution have warned users that there was no guarantee that the malware would never be modified to ignore this program. Still, this is a patch that can give you a quick and comprehensive protection cover to your phone.

AppScan Beta

This free to download and use security application is in its beta stages but has already proved to be very effective against many viruses and malware. This security app is designed to scan each app before downloading it onto your Android phone. If it detects any virus or malware, it stops you from downloading the app and issues a warning against it. It also flags these as suspicious. It can also scan apps for advertisements and lets you know beforehand.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

It is one of Android’s earliest security software. It has a very large and impressive user base. It has two versions – one of which is completely free and offers both antivirus protection and scheduled phone scanning. If your phone is stolen, you can also locate it online the Lookout Website. It has one of the highest malware detection rates and comes highly recommended. It is also very easy to use and therefore can be used by anyone who wants to protect their phone.