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Free WhatsApp for Download – To Stick or To Switch?


Most mobile phone users in the world are using WhatsApp as an IM to exchange messages, jokes, pictures, and videos with their friends and family.

With its recent much talked about takeover by the social networking giant Facebook, what lies ahead for this huge user community remains under speculation. There are several other options for the users to switch to if they are not happy with the changes looming in the horizon. This IM app has been popular with most users for its simple GUI and easy to grasp features. On the other hand, many other users complain about its lack of features. It is important to evaluate all aspects of this IM app before making the final decision to switch.

Why Stick to WhatsApp?

You are likely to use the IM that is used by a major chunk of your social network. Since WhatsApp is the most popular IM app for smartphones users as of today, it is a clear winner in this arena. It is easy and quick to download and immediately synchronizes the contact numbers on your mobile phone. For new users the application is simple, clutter-free and can be understood without much instruction. It keeps updating regularly and does not take much of memory space in your phone. It offers voice chats and allows group chats for up to 50 participants. It allows you to display a basic profile picture and status message to reflect your mood and personality.

Why Switch to Another IM?

Though amteaur IM users prefer WhatApp, there are many new IM apps with more advanced features available in the market today. There are designed keeping the more evolved users in mind. WhatsApp does not allow the users to log in from multiple platforms. This is a huge downside in the app. Today most users like to access their multiple accounts from different platforms. However, a WhatsApp user cannot access his or her account from a different handset, a laptop, desktop, or even a tablet.

Most IM apps today also offer other services like video chats and conferencing. There is no news till date of WhatsApp coming up with VOIP calling. WhatsApp offers some basic emoticons to add some color to the chats. However, it does not offer animated emoticons or stickers for a more expressive conversation. The app has no provision to allow users to watch videos or play games together. The look of WhatsApp seems to be marked in stone. The users cannot change it to match their moods.

The Final Decision

As long as the download and usage of WhatApp is free, users need not fret about making a hasty decision regarding changing their primary IM service. However, you can continue to tinker with other free IMs that are also catching up in popularity to keep your options open for the future. Stick to WhatsApp and enjoy its basic functionality to chat with amateur users. Use other IM apps to chat with other advanced users. Once you see a mass exodus from WhatsApp to other IMs, you would know where to go!