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Google Talk – 7 Free Download Alternatives to the Chat App for Your Mac


Google Talk came at a time when MSN, AOL, and Yahoo messengers were at the top of their games. However, Google Talk’s ability to pull in all your Gmail contacts made it an instant hit.

It quickly became one of the most popular instant messaging services. However, there are times Google Talk is simply not enough. You do not have all your contacts or you simply do not want to be visible to your personal or professional contacts. Here are some alternatives you can try instead.


This is a simple app that allows you to pull in your contacts from AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, and Google at one place. This is a completely free app that works on OS X and lets you connect different conversations from all your messaging accounts in one place. The greatest feature of this app is its ability to give you tabbed chats in one window. This is very convenient for the more social among us.


This is another convenient chat app that allows you to bring together all your contacts and chats from AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, and Google at a single point of contact. Trillion’s biggest strength is its sleek and modern looking client. It has two versions – free and premium. The Free account lets you do almost everything you would want from a chat client. In both the versions, you can even sync your computer and mobile phone conversations.

This interesting app lets you connect with your Google and Facebook contacts at a single place. This is a free chatting app that works on both OSX and Windows. It lists all your contacts and conversations in one window and therefore is very easy to manage. The user experience on is both interesting and clean. You can set status messages on this chat app.


This cute little app is very modern and funky, and supports a lot of chat networks including AIM, Myspace, Zephyr, MSN, XMPP, GroupWise, ICQ, Yahoo, and SIMPLE. It, however, does not allow you to sync your Facebook and Gtalk chats and contacts. Still, if you want to use a chat client that gives you exposure to the maximum number of users on a single network, this is the right place for you.


Jabber is one of the earliest XMPP based chat clients. You can register on it from Jabber’s website and can log on to it from any chat clients such as Adium, iChat, Gajim, Jitsi, Pidgin, Psi, Pandion and Swift. Jabber is a completely free downloadable app. You can download it for free for both Windows and Mac. It can be used to connect to several different chat clients including MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ. You can send files through this interface and can even cancel your transfers. It also has enhanced text conferencing.

Apple Messages

Formerly known as iChat, Apple Messages is a great Mac application. You can send unlimited messages to iPhones and can exchange pictures and video messages too. You can also chat with your buddies from Google, Yahoo, and AIM.