Exclusives had always been the selling point of a console and if there is one game that is most anticipated on the next gen Xbox One console, it’s none other than Halo 5.

The title is a household name for Microsoft and it was developed by Bungie entertainment. While the release of the console took place months ago, they are keeping the big title under the wraps. Some rumors reveal that the console does not have enough exclusives at the moment to make great sales.

Halo definitely got the power in it to change the tide which is why Microsoft and the development team are being tight lipped about it. When a voice actor revealed his plans to voice Master Chief again, it was hyped and a release date was expected. He later withdrew his confirmation and clarified that he doesn’t have access to any confirmed information at the moment. The announcement is definitely underway but for what is the big question.

Halo 5 or Halo 2 again?

The big conference Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 will be the time when fans can expect an announcement. Whether Microsoft will directly go for a Halo 5 announcement or it will be only a release date for the tenth anniversary edition for Halo 2 on Xbox One is unknown. Recent updates from the development team Bungie revealed that there will be some news to look forward to during the gaming conference. It will most probably be an anniversary edition because the company is yet to come up with unique ideas that would make the franchise more appealing for next gen players. While it already has a massive fan base, players who got the console for the first time might want a title that will glue them to their screens. The team confirmed that they are working on various ideas and it will be official once they finalize what will be included in the game.

DX12 Comes To Xbox One

Till date there are no changes in the fact that Microsoft will be the publisher for the tentatively titled Halo 5 game. Their latest press release that talked about bringing Direct X 12 on the Xbox One console is a promising start. Some of the high-end games of modern generation did not perform too well on the console when compared to its counterpart PS4 but it is expected that it is about to change. The introduction of DX12 on Xbone will alter the game and it will give developers including Bungie the team behind Halo to boost the best graphics without compromising on frames per second.

Announcement related to this update is expected during GDC while the game related information will most probably pushed to E3. With better graphics and gameplay, Halo is set to change the way it did with Xbox 360 and Bungie is worked hard to make sure it stays ahead of competition. The original teaser trailer for the title was shown almost a year ago during E3 2013 and this year you can definitely expect some new announcement to come in.

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