The city texture pack for Xbox 360 got released just days ago and it just adds further speculation to the already anticipated Minecraft Xbox One edition. 4J Studios, the team behind the console ports is definitely working round the clock to ensure a release is made as soon as possible.

With the release of this new pack, it has been confirmed that the next gen version might take another two months or so before official confirmation. It is not only the title but also the title update 14 for older generation console has been delayed as well. There are speculations that both of them will get launched at the same time and it could be true. The wait is ongoing while the features expected for the upcoming game is definitely impressive. Some exclusive skin packs are going to come out as well including Halo and maybe Gears of War inclusions.

PC and Xbox One Architecture Is Similar

While the basics of the game will focus on better game play and new items to meddle with, Minecraft Xbox One edition is expected to have better graphics. The retro style game may not feature realistic graphics but there will definitely be significant improvement in the textures. They will help in making maps look sharp and the resolution of the game will be increased on the next gen console. An important factor that makes things better for gamers is that the console is very similar in its architecture and as it closely resembles a computer, porting updates will be much easier for 4J Studios now. The company will have ample freedom which will significantly reduce the time taken between updates and make sure players get everything on time.

Mods Are Possible

Regarding mod support, the developers haven’t made any comment so far. It is because when there is no official release announced yet for Minecraft Xbox One version, it is hard for 4J Studios to give a word about mods. The PC version has a strong support for mods and players tweak it despite any restrictions imposed by Mojang. Consoles are close ended because of their design but you can expect some drastic changes with the new generation of machines. The Minecraft Xbox One version will launch directly with the touted adventure mode which will let players create scripted events. Everyone will have their creative ideas implemented into maps and random players will not be able to destroy them. To make changes to walls and logs, you should possess the right tool which is hard to find and will make sure the scripted event is not modified on the fly. It can also be used to set tripwires and tripwire hooks to kill any trespasser.

The version of the game is definitely going to be an interesting one because 4J Studios just announced a dlc for PS3 that will give players ability to fly, go invisible or kick others out of a map. If it sees a release on Microsoft console, things will get addictively engaging but you have to wait to know a launch date.

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