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Temple Run for PC Free Download – Offering One Sweet Ride


Temple Run is the hugely successful mobile game that makes the player run for his life when he steals an idol from an old temple.

Though most players play the game on their mobile devices, you can also play it on your PC, both the Temple Run and the Temple Run 2. Temple Run original version was great fun and the sequel takes the fun to a new level, with more players, a faster gameplay and several additional powerups in the new version.

Endless Running

The game involves endless running and as you run, you need to collect gems and coins as well as power ups for increasing your player life. When you collect more points as well as coins, you are able to unlock some advanced players who have improved features. Users can also purchase Usain Bolt, who is famed for receiving many Olympic medals and can make him in the game as your player.

Downloading Bluestacks

Since the game is actually a mobile platform game, you need an Android emulator or an App player, such as Bluestacks for downloading the game on your PC. Bluestacks also needs at least 2 GM of RA in your computer.

Intuitive Gameplay

Temple Run is a game that is easy to control and has progressive levels, with something new offered at steady intervals. It will surely grab your attention and keep it through all the levels. The interface is standard, with the start button and the settings as well as some other options. You might not be familiar with the controls in the beginning, but they are very intuitive and you can quickly learn the swiping controls of the game.

Version for Windows 8 – Temple Run Oz

Temple Run was also offered as a version for the Windows Phone 8 in August 2013 with some difference. The graphics are very much improved in this version. In fact, the graphics are so good that you might just want to watch them instead of jumping or sliding and turning away from obstacles. There are also some new elements to the game for Windows Phone 8, with flying baboons along with additional powerups that help the player as he runs along the way. You can even get a ride in hot air balloons. This is a new tie up from Disney and Imangi Studios and is known as the Temple Run Oz, inspired by the film Oz the Great and Powerful. The player has to play the role of Oz and run against flying baboons, outrunning them, jumping, sliding and turning as he makes his way through the land.

Additional Features in Temple Run Oz

Some of the additional features are the stunning environment that is provided based on inspiration from the film. You can now earn more coins by flying in the hot air balloon. There are different locations in the Oz version and you can reach these by following the signposts. The environment keeps on changing as the player runs, so it is very challenging and tests the player’s reflexes.


The graphics of Temple Run are pretty decent and are surely equal to other simple semi three-dimensional games that you find on PS2 gaming consoles. The game is fun and also addictive and once you start playing the game, you will understand why it has got more than a million downloads since its release. The progression of levels is very balanced and there are many interesting powerups offered in the game, which enhances its overall interest for players. The Oz is very impressive but is of 50 MB and is a little slow due to the intensive graphics, but if you love Temple Run, you will love to download this version too.