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Candy Crush Saga Free Download – Play Till Eternity with These Tips


Reshuffling Candies

When you see certain levels, you will instinctively realize that it is going to be a tough one.

With such levels, you can use the reshuffling technique without losing any of your lives. Play the game on your mobile and upon opening the level if you feel that the setting is not exactly to your liking, just exit the game without making any move. Come back again to the game and it will offer a new position of candies, which might be easier. If not, repeat the procedure till you get the setting of your liking, without losing a single life. However, you cannot perform this trick with levels that offer time challenges, as the timer starts as soon as you open the level.

Any Number of Lives

Keep several tabs of Candy Crush Saga open in your browser simultaneously. By doing this, you will never be at a loss of lives or wait for the game to refresh after thirty minutes to open up a life for you. You will get a set of 5 lives in each of the tabs that you have opened. Of course, you will need to refresh all the pages when you pass a level.

Facing Timed Levels

When you have to face a level that has a fixed time, such as 60 seconds or 120 seconds and so on, it is a good idea to get the _5 candies, so that you can add more time to the clock. The +5 candies just don’t drop randomly, but rather drop when you make a cascade of 4 candies or 5 candies in a row. Remember to crush the +5 candy in time. Your chances of crushing four or five candies are greater at the bottom portion of the board, as there are many other candies above it. You can play the level till you get bored of it and make it well past the required points.

Using Striped Candies

Don’t use striped candies as soon as they are formed. You need to plan out where they can be used most strategically it order to get the maximum benefit and crush the maximum number of candies. Try to use them in places where it is difficult to crush candies, such as nooks and corners.

Using Fish Candy Boosters

The Fish candies zone in on the remaining jellies, so they should be saved to the last. This will enable you to get hold of the jellies that are hard to reach. These fish candies can also access jellies that are remaining under the frost, so there is no need to make additional moves for removing the frost. This helps you finish the level in less number of move.

Finish Within the Number of Moves

If you have some extra moves left over when you finish the level, they will be converted into points, with a whole lot of jellyfish and striped candies clearing up the board. This helps to get those extraordinarily high scores.

Using Additional Moves

If your Facebook friends have given you additional three moves, you will find the level has a pink bow. The three additional moves are added automatically to the number of moves in case you are playing on your mobile. However, if you are playing on other devices on Facebook, you will have to activate the 3 moves seen in the beginning of the screen. While accepting the +3 moves, make sure to accept them only in difficult levels, or just keep them pending.

Using Lives

You have a maximum of 5 lives to begin with, so even if someone has gifted you a life don’t accept it right away, as the number will still remain at 5, as this is the maximum. After using one or two of the lives, close the screen and then open again to accept.