When it comes to streaming player, there are plenty of different options that people are going to have.

It is extremely important to weigh the different details and choose the right streaming player that can offer you the finest features, ample options, the right number of channels and at the same time, it should fit your cost too. Do you have one single streaming player that could answer all these equations simultaneously?

It is hard to spot a single one because while Apple TV is know to exude the class and comes loaded with some of the most impressive and power packed specifications, the cost factor can be a little disturbing. Not only this, even the number of apps that are supported isn’t really huge and this makes people reconsider their decision when they are buying Apple TV.

However, when it comes to Chromecast, you can get the streaming player for as less as $35. This is one of the key clinching factors as far as Chromecast is concerned. Even when the number of apps that are supported is concerned, you would find ample choices at hand. However there are fixes that are needed and there could be a lot more improvements that we could find in time to come.

Both Have Their Own Pros and Cons

It is hard to pick one of the two devices and label it as superior. Both of them have their own set of merits and demerits. The ideal choice of which streaming player is best for you depends upon what you are looking for and what use do you wish the streaming player to serve.

If you are not bothered about the price factor, Apple TV does seem to be an extremely comfortable option. You can carry your movies and songs on the go as synchronizing it from your iTunes library is extremely easy. At the same time, there are ample choices on hand, as the app support is good, if not great. When it comes down to the support services you are not going to regret choosing Apple because Apple is one of those brands that is known to exude class and is definitely reliable.

The Chromecast Price Factor

Chromecast will be ideal for you when you are looking for a smart device at a smart price. If you have invested in Chromecast, you will be able to enjoy unlimited music and movies because there are ample apps that are supported ranging from Netflix to Hulu, Amazon and more. The price definitely seems to be a deal breaker and the support services isn’t bad either.
However, it will fail to have the same class as that of an Apple TV and you may wish to have some little improvements in the streaming player.

The Final Choice – Quality – Price Tradeoff

Ultimately, the question boils down to quality and price. While Chromecast isn’t too bad on the quality, one can notice the difference between Chromecast and Apple TV and there are a few Apple TV features that make it stand out from the rest and this is why it is so popular.

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