Rubik’s Cube continues to be of interest in many cultures, the surprise is that robots as Cubestormer 3 will enter in the Guinness Book of Records while solving it.

Many of us have fond memories or frustration since childhood associated with the rubik cube.

Because not only humans have such interesting occupations in the record books there is a section for the fastest robot that managed to solve a Rubic cube. Since living with the impression that they have found the secret to overcoming the current record, those from ARM have developed a new robot that only knows how to solve the Rubic cube. Called Cubestormer 3 and, in addition to an ARM processor, incorporates a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and several LEGO pieces.

Cubestormer 3 robot which is using ARM processor technology began last tests before the attempt to break the current record in the Guinness Book, which will take place at the Big Bang Fair in the NEC, Birmingham, UK on Saturday, March 15. The current record for 5 seconds and 27 hundredths was established more than two years aho by its predecessor, CubeStormer II“. From the release of the ARM is clear that they are very confident that the current record will be exceeded.

If you want to do a comparison of brute force used in this equation, it is worth to note that in the previous version the robot used a Galaxy S2 with two ARM Cortex A9 cores. Now the robot is based on a Galaxy S4 with an octa core processor, its big little architecture consists of four Cortex A15 cores and four Cortex A7 cores.

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