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Download Temple Run On PC Along with Several Other Free Android Apps


Do you find yourself getting more bored by the minute when you’re at work?

This is not a rare case for a lot of employees, especially those who are easily bored and those who deal with heavy workload. If you’re one of these people, you might have thought about finding a way to escape at least seven times during office hours. The problem is you can’t just escape or quit your work, especially if it’s your bread and butter. It’s all a matter of knowing what to do every time you feel like you’ve had enough.

Take a Break by Playing a Game

For most people, taking a break from their work means playing a game on their device or checking their different social media accounts. If you work at a more lenient company, this is not a problem. However, not all of us belong to this kind of organization. If you can’t afford to risk taking out your device to use your favorite apps, what can you do?

Downloading Temple Run on PC

You can choose to download Android apps on your PC for free, of course. BlueStacks App Player allows you to do this, so if you constantly find your thought veering off to Temple Run installed in your smartphone or tablet, you can finally play the game on your own PC. You may download Temple Run on PC anytime you want – as soon as you have finished installing BlueStacks first.

How to Play Temple Run On PC

Temple Run on PC is the same as playing the game on other supported device. It just uses different controls. If in smartphones and tablets, you will use your fingers to control the character, on your PC, you will be using the arrow keys on your keyboard to direct the characters. You will have the chance of playing the game on a smaller window, to lessen the chance of anyone catch you while playing. Just make sure that you don’t shriek whenever you meet an obstacle, otherwise your cover will blow.

Instagram on PC

With BlueStacks App Player, you may also download other Android apps you want. If it’s in the Google Play Store, then you may download the apps on your PC. If you’re an Instagram addict and like to check the app every 30 minutes just to see what’s new with the people you’re following, this software is also the best option to do that.

Not the Full Experience

Instagram on PC just has some limitations, though. You can’t enjoy the full experience the same way with a supported device. It’s just really perfect for people in the office who want to view photos from different people on Instagram, without uploading their own photos. If that works for you, then you can download Instagram on your PC at the office.


It’s gratifying for some people to take a break from their work once in a while. In fact, it also allows them to perform better after the break because even for just a few minutes of distraction, your mind gets some needed rest. When you get back to work, your mind is refreshed, and you will be able to continue your work with a clear and re-energized mind.