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Goodbye Angry Birds – You Should Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Free Instead


Sometimes, no matter how good something is, it will come to the point where you no longer feel the same anymore.

We’re not talking about personal stuff. We’re merely stating the fact that some good things don’t last, like our love for one of the best games in iOS and Android, the Angry Birds Free. Can you still remember how you got to play this game and end up not doing anything besides trying to shoot down those pigs, no matter what it takes?

Say Hello to Our New Favorite Game

We can still remember all those sleepless nights, all those hours of planning our next aim. We can’t deny that we had a good run with this free app, but the time has come to bid it farewell, at least from our devices. We’ve found a not-so-new game to be addicted to. Plants VS Zombies 2 is our new go-to app whenever we have some free time that needs to be filled, and this free game does not disappoint.

Sequel to Plants VZ Zombies

The original version Plants VS Zombies was a huge success even when it was not initially launched on mobile devices, and when it was finally made available for iOS and Android devices, a year after, its popularity was increased in tenfold. The original version had a lot of gameplay elements that made fans skeptical about the newer version. It turned out that their worries were unfounded – Plants VS Zombies 2 is not just a fun app to play, it gives fans another chance to finish off the undead.

Same Gameplay with New Characters

Plants VS Zombies 2 uses the same gameplay as the original version – your garden is under attack by zombies and it’s your goal to protect your land by placing plants on the left side of the screen and the zombies arrive on the right. Each plant has different effects and abilities, and you job is to make use of them in a way that will benefit most your garden. PvZ 2 introduced new characters in the sequel, both in plants and zombies families.

Travel through Time

PvZ 2 offers a time travel theme and allows you to venture into the world of Ancient Egypt, Pirates Seas, and the Wild West, among others. You will need a number of stars and keys to enter these different worlds. You will earn the stars in every goal you finished while the keys are dropped in different battles randomly. These two things are also available in the in-app purchase, but if you don’t want to spend real money, you can just go back to different battles and repeat the game until you’ve earned enough stars.

Choosing Plants VZ Zombies 2 over Angry Birds Free

Plants VZ Zombies 2 is so much different from Angry Birds Free in terms of concept, design, and gameplay. While Angry Birds Free relies more on trial-and-error, PvZ 2 will surely bring out your best in strategic planning. And the most remarkable difference between these two free apps? We don’t feel so much frustrated when we fail a certain level in PvZ 2 the way we feel in Free Angry Birds Free.