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Google Hangouts Free Download – A Total Winner


Hangouts Replaces Google Talk

Everyone with a Gmail account is able to access the Google Talk, which offers access to free VoIP telephone service. You can also get a recording of your messages along with a text message of the recordings.

This feature can be very useful for those expecting an important business call. The new Google Talk is now known as Google Hangouts and it offers a big departure from the bland Google Talk application. Google Hangouts replaced Google Talk in 2013, with several new features that make it even more attractive as a messaging app in your mobile device. Google Talk is a free download application and is free for both messages and for video chatting.

Google Talk for your Mobile

Google Talk or Hangouts is a cross platform app, available for the Android and iOS as well as the PC. It is quite easy to set up on your mobile. Once you have downloaded the application, it prompts you to login to your Gmail account and asks you permission for pushing notifications. You can even change your profile picture or enable circles and confirm your phone number and so on. The app can then access your contacts. However, there is no option for synchronizing your Facebook accounts.

Straightforward Interface

The interface for Google Talk or Hangouts is pretty simple, with the main page displaying your previous messages and the video calls. There is a + icon on the upper right corner, which will take the user to the Hangout page. The page has all your contacts, along with a grid on the top that has the list of people whom you talk with often. There is also a list in alphabetic order showing all your contacts. In addition, you can search on the basis of the person’s name or email id or telephone number or Circles as well. When you wish to start a chat session or a video chat session, you must first select the contact and then tap on the green button.


There is a settings wheel that enables adjustment of different features, such as requests, snooze features, and blocking people whom you don’t want to contact and so on. If you don’t want to get disturbed, you can set the snooze button on Hangouts. Even after joining a hangout, you are allowed to turn off the video feed and communicate with others in the group just through chat. This is a very useful feature for those who have bad hair days or when you don’t wish to have a video chat but still wish to take part in the fun. You can see the others in the video, but they will not be able to see you in this case.

Group Chat Features

The Group Chat is a very attractive feature of Google Talk and you can message many friends of your contacts on the Hangouts. As far as video chatting is concerned, the upper limit is 10 contacts. Apart from messaging and video chatting, you can also send pictures or a photo, take a picture from the application, and then send it. You can view the picture first and then check it and send it. Messaging is very easy, but you can only chat with those who also make use of hangouts. If someone does not use Gmail, you cannot chat with him or her.


Google Talk, now known as Hangouts, offers both messaging and video chatting, where you can chat with friends with group chatting, on either the iOS or the Android phones. However, the video quality needs some improvement and you can only chat with others who also make use of Gmail.