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Instagram PC Free Download – Check Out and Follow Popular Users


You can use Instagram on your mobile device and also on your Personal Computer.

You no longer need an iPhone or an iPad or even an Android mobile device for viewing Instagram photos, as all you will need is an Internet connection and your PC.

There are many websites that enable viewers to see and search for photos and comment on the pictures posted to the Instagram app. However, you can do all these activities and post to Instagram from your very own personal computer. There are four ways to do this:


This is an app for the PC that is capable of recreating Instagram on your PC screen. The recreation is done in an attractive tiled format with some interesting features that are not even available on Instagram. You can view your feeds and also popular pictures as well as see pictures that were taken at or nearby in your current location. You can also download any particular photo, merely by hovering the mouse near the lower part of the picture and then opting for download. You can get Instagrille through Pokki, which is a new application store on the lines of Apple. It is specifically created for PCs and has been developed by SweetLabs, based in San Diego, supported by Intel as well as Google. You can also use the app for downloading on the Mac.


Webstagram is not as attractive as Instagrille, but you can download Instagram for the PC using this app. You need to log in and will then be able to view your Instagram feeds. You can also comment and search as usual or even like, just as you do these activities on the mobile application. You can even follow Webstagram on Instagram, but you will then end up with a lot of comments that can disturb the flow of pictures and photos that appear on your feed.

With Webstagram on your PC, you can view pictures of the people whom you are following. You can also browse through the popular photos and tags or users and get RSS feeds, along with many other astounding features. You simply need to use your username and password for Instagram for logging in and then click on Authorize in order to access the features. For instance, you can meet and follow other users of Instagram, based on common interests and hobbies.


This is a site that also offers you integration with the Google Maps. You will also be able to go into a city and see a layout of all the pictures that have been taken in the particular area. You can opt for pins on the particular map to view pictures taken at specific locations. Just as the above sites, you can also download pictures to your PC. However, you need to perform one more step. When you click Download, you will see a new tab and you need to select ‘Save As’ in order to download it. Gramfeed enables discovering of brands or people. You can visualize photographs on a Map and also log in with several accounts.


The site offers a horizontal view of the Instagram feed in a rolling feed. You can create albums that are based on the keywords. There are also some fun tools available in Ink 361. For instance, you can create cover photos for Facebook and backgrounds for your Twitter account and wallpaper for your iPad and so on. You can find new friends and follow them according to your interests or even follow popular and famous Instagram users, such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift. The site offers excellent tools for creating albums and you can set up alerts in case of new posts.