Minecraft PS3 is going great and if you need evidence, check out the official sales charts released by Sony.

The company has released a detailed list of top selling games on all their platforms including PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. The Playstation console has been around for more than six years and topping the sales charts isn’t an easy task. The competition is tough but it was a proud moment when they declared that Minecraft made it to the number one position on the console.

Developers of the game 4J Studios were excited about the news and they shared it in their twitter account, so as to share the joyous moment with fellow gamers. The game was released towards the end of 2013 and it made its way to the top within two months. This is not an easy task but its huge fan base on the console made it possible.

PS3 Gets Attention

The game which was a hit on PC came to Xbox 360 by 2012 and it was more than a year before Minecraft PS3 got released. However, the developing team 4J Studios has confirmed that such delays will not happen again. Going by their proud claim on social media that the game tops sales charts in Feb. 2014, you can be sure that they are definitely focusing on the console better than ever.

A next gen version for PS4 is scheduled but there is no word on the official release date yet. Another anticipated release is the title update 14 which will bring a whole lot of new things to explore. Players already know that it got an adventure mode and will also bring in new interfaces. Latest news from the team reveals that it might have some exciting additions including the ability to teleport and become invisible, if the player wants to.

Minecraft PS3 Tops Sales Charts

The official tweet from 4J Studios confirmed that Minecraft PS3 has topped sales chart for the month of February in both Europe and US markets. Ardent players of the community were not only glad because the game became a top seller but they are also about to get an exclusive skin pack. The pack will feature skins from Sony console characters including Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper. It also had another character hidden in the dark which is not officially revealed yet.

Going by the teaser image, you can assume that it will be another exclusive skin featuring a character from one of Sony’s exclusive game titles. A lot of people have been asking for Last of Us skin pack so that they could become one of the characters from the game and play Minecraft PS3 in an apocalyptic environment.

If 4J Studios release a Last of US similar to what they did with the city texture pack, it could well be a possibility. With enough creativity and the right tools, a player can recreate the scenes from the game and make it into a scripted event in adventure mode. The better sales could definitely motivate the developing team to come up with more updates without much delay.

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