While the ‘few more week’s claim made by 4J Studios is kind of vague and a confirmed release date is yet to be known, you can be sure that things are definitely getting closer.

There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by without Minecraft Xbox 360 updates because the community wants to know when title update 14 will come out and it is the responsibility of the studio developing the game to give answers.

The company has been doing a good job of it but also admitted that the speculations for the update are too high. As they can hardly handle the pressure, 4J Studios released a tweet claiming that they are busy fixing bugs and cannot make an announcement before certificate testing. However, another new teaser screenshot revealed that the game is about to get a lot more exciting with the ability to teleport. Roaming from one creation to another in a map is tedious which is when the teleportation ports come in to picture.

Teleporting is Confirmed

The team showed only a teaser screenshot and you can’t assume how this teleporting works yet. It could either be placing two blocks in different parts of the map and jump between them or could be accomplished using an entirely different method. It looks promising and definitely interesting because while some may enjoy the carrot on a stick update to ride a pig, it’s not the fastest way to get across. The update will allow players to jump between places and avoid enemies if they suddenly launch an attack in one of their creations. Apart from this one, there are also other additions including the option to become invisible, grant hosting privileges to others and kick players if they doesn’t obey the rules of the map. Some claim that TU14 is going to get a direct release along with next gen console versions but everything is pure assumption at the moment.

Zombies in Suits

4J Studios is currently busy working on multiple platforms including Minecraft for Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita. It is evident that a single team will find it difficult to bring out so many versions out at the same time but they are definitely doing their best, if you go by their twitter updates. There is no definitive release date for the next gen consoles as well as the Title Update 14. The city texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 got released just days ago and it will be a great addition to keep players busy until the anticipated update gets launched.

The pack allows players to get creative with great urban buildings and it not only allows new construction options but also turns zombies into corporate people. They still try to kill you but with more sophistication this time around, wearing a tie and a suit. Some of the maps that can be made using the texture pack is displayed on the official XBLA blog for inspiration but they are not available for purchase. The full version of the pack is priced at $1 and is now available as digital copy.

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