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Skype Enhancements You Can Download for Free


When it comes to video calling abroad, video conferencing for business, and even chatting with friends, Skype is perhaps the most popular and most widely used software.

Who wouldn’t really? With great features like video calling, chat, group call, and many more for free, there is no sane person who owns a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and is connected to the Internet who will want to miss out on the great perks that Skype can offer. Of course if you don’t mind spending a little, there are paid features in Skype too, like sending messages from your Skype account to your friends’ mobile phones. It can be pretty handy, such as when you need to reach someone who is currently not online in Skype.

But as if that’s not enough, there are plenty of different software add-ons that you can download for free if you want to make the most of your Skype experience. Those who use Skype very often for work or for regular communication with loved ones who are far away might find these cool add-ons very helpful and interesting.


A person has got to stay away from the computer every now and then. So during those times when you are taking a break from your laptop, you might miss an important call from your boss, your friend, or your family member. If you like watching TV on your rest hours, install mcePhone and you can receive notifications right on your TV screen (How cool is that?) through Windows Media Center.

SMS to Skype

Do you find yourself often needing to send messages to a Skype user throughout the day and you find it a bit bothersome to keep opening your computer to do so? Now, you can simply use your smartphone and send a message via SMS to your friend on Skype. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? You do not have to go online anymore just to reach out to your Skype contacts.


If you think the mcePhone won’t work for you but you still want to make sure that you do not miss any Skype calls, this one might just be the right add-on for you. When you miss a call on your Skype account, you will automatically receive a notification via SMS on your mobile phone so you can get to the person who called you right away and return the call as soon as you can.


Most Skype users have experienced receiving a call while they are away from their desks. And during these instances, we just wish we could tell right away who was calling so we could also determine if the call was urgent, simply a what-you-doing call, or a how-are-you from that friend you have not heard from in a long time. This will announce the name of the person who is calling so that you would be able to know even when you are not in front of your computer. Of course, for this to work, you will need to use speakers, if your computer speakers are not as loud as you want them to be.