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WhatsApp – Download and Send Messages for Free


Created by two self-proclaimed geeks Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp is an application that can be downloaded on any mobile device that can enable its users to experience SMS on a whole new level.

Inspired by what used to be the largest and most commonly used communication platform, the SMS, Koum and Acton decided to create an instant messaging application that will allow users to send messages from and to anywhere in the world at absolutely no cost. Today, WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging application being used on smartphones, despite the competition with other instant messaging applications, such as Viber, Line, and several others.


Aside from being able to send as well as receive messages real time, users of the application can also share pictures, create group conversations, and share their location to selected WhatsApp users.
The makers of WhatsApp pride themselves in having created an application that offers its services for free and yet is a much better alternative to the paid SMS service. The user interface is not cluttered with advertisements, which have become a must for a number of other free applications, as a source of revenue. The simple and personal appearance of the application also lends to user comfort and ease. Users feel as if they are using the same SMS service, only much better.

If you love taking videos of memorable moments and you want to share them with people who are important to you, you can do so with WhatsApp as well. Simply send your video file just as you would a photo, and your friends and loved ones will get it right away. It’s so simple and easy.

WhatsApp for Every Smartphone

Are you worried that WhatsApp might not be available for the smartphone that you are using? No need to fret. WhatsApp is available for a wide range of smartphone operating systems: Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry.

Download WhatsApp Now

Do not get left behind and download WhatsApp on your device now. Check if your smartphone is compatible with the app by reading through WhatsApp’s minimum requirements. For example, Android users should have a device with an Android OS 2.1 or above in order to download the app successfully.

If you are an iPhone user, you can download WhatsApp from the iTunes App Store. If you are using a Windows Phone, you can do to the Marketplace and download the application from there. For Android users, WhatsApp is available for download on the Market, or you can simply go to the official WhatsApp website and download it from there. The latter is true for Blackberry and Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40 users.

Downloading and installing WhatsApp should take only a few minutes. After you have successfully downloaded it to your device, simply sync your phone’s contacts with your WhatsApp account. This will automatically enable you to see who among your contacts already have WhatsApp installed on their devices.

Of course, do not forget to create your WhatsApp profile. Select a profile photo, and customize the messaging settings to make your messaging experience more personal, more you.