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Yahoo Messenger – Download and Enjoy Great Features for Free


One of the leading names in the world of instant messaging is Yahoo Messenger.

Who would not know about it? It has been there even before instant messaging became mainstream. In fact, it used to be the only instant messaging platform available to computer users. What sets it apart from other applications and software is that it serves a largely computer-using population, those who want instant messaging on their desktop or laptop computers.

Because it has been around for so long, Yahoo has made it possible to allow its users to enjoy many of the features that other instant messaging application developers still try to emulate today. The wide range of customizations, productivity features, and even appearance options are a wonder for those who like adding a personal touch to everything. Here are some of very interesting features that Yahoo Messenger has to offer.

Send SMS for Free

If you are out of credits on your mobile phone but you need to send an important message right away, you can send a message through Yahoo Messenger to any mobile number. And you can do this for absolutely no charge.

Instant Messaging through Other Platforms

One very unique feature of Yahoo Messenger is that you can use it to send instant messages even to your friends who are using other networks, such as Reuters Messaging, Lotus Sometime, and Windows Live Messenger. Other instant messaging applications can only allow the sending and receiving of messages and other files when both the sender and the receiver are using the same application. But with Yahoo Messenger, that is not the case.

Have IMs Forwarded to Your Mobile

Do you sometimes worry that you may not be able to read important messages sent to you because you have to log out? Well, that will not be a problem with Yahoo Messenger. When someone sends you a message after you have logged out, you can have this message forwarded to the mobile number that is connected to your Yahoo Messenger account. This way, you never miss out on any important message.

Stealth Options

In most instant messaging applications, your status is shown uniformly to all your contacts. But do you have those people in your contacts that you really wish could not tell when you go online? With Yahoo Messenger you can increase your privacy and show your status differently to different contacts, depending on your chosen settings. This way, if you want to be visible to only a specific group of people and communicate with them exclusively, you can do so.

Buzz Alert

Do you want to get your contact’s attention but not go overboard by calling him or her right away? Yahoo Messenger has just the right feature for you. You can select the contact that you want to get the attention of and just buzz him or her. This way, your contact will know that you are online and that you are free to talk at the moment.