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Band Psyched Killswitch Engage Coming To Australia


Death Audio
Death Audio
Killswitch Engage will soon be touring Australia, and the news has some fans more excited than others.

We received an email over the weekend from Will Borland, who we hope is no relation to Wes.

He’s in a band called Death Audio and he’s “a reader of your website, and a fan of Jesse Leach’s blog ‘Check Your Head;’ his lyrics are extremely inspirational and KsE has definitely given me huge motivation for my own music.”

After learning the band of awesome dudes would be coming to his neck of the woods, Borland and Death Audio “decided to put together a tribute to welcome them to our shores.”

He adds: “We wanted to do something different for KsE, instead of just telling them how much they inspired us, we preferred to show it this tribute.”

Here now is that tribute. It’s an acoustic cover of “My Last Serenade” that puts a different spin on the song, for sure.