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Apple TV vs Roku – Make the Best Choice between the Two


When you are looking to buy a streaming player, it is important to check out the details, the features, the cost, the durability and plenty of other factors before you come to the final decision regarding which streaming player seem to be the right choice for you.

What are the options that you have?

When it boils down to the options that we have on hand, we would basically talk of three main names
• Google’s Chromecast
• Roku
• Apple TV

The Roku vs Apple Debate

While Chromecast is the preferred option for those who have a really thin budget, it is Apple TV and Roku that see the real battle. Both these streaming players are often compared with each other as people find it hard to decide the ones to buy. They come with some of the best set of features and in order to find the ones you must buy, you should be thorough with the details of the specifications.

Larger Options with More Variety

If you are one of those who loves having ample options on hand, Roku is probably the best choice for you. Roku is known to be the streaming player that comes with the most variety that you could possibly ask for. You can find that Roku comes loaded with some of the best choices as far as app support is concerned.

You can use Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and more. The number of apps that are supported on Roku is practically so huge that you are never going to run out of options. While Apple TV does come with its own share of supported apps, but it fails to make the right stand as far as variety of supported apps is concerned.

The Brand Power

Apple TV simply stands out in the equation owing to its brand power. We are all aware of the kind of power that Apple enjoys. It is undoubtedly one of the top companies in the field of such products and people blindly buy Apple products because they know that Apple products are always going to live up to the hopes and expectation that people have from them.

Roku isn’t a bad option, but some people won’t buy Roku simply because it is not Apple. If you are one among those who will not think again when you have an Apple product, it is best to opt for Apple TV.

The Budget Issue

One of the important and the most decisive factor can be the price aspect. However, as far as Apple TV and Roku are concerned, it pays to know that there isn’t a huge price gap between the two. You can find that both these streaming players have nearly comparable price and almost the same set of features. So, it is upon you to take the final decision as to which player will seem to be the right choice for you. Take your time and watch out for all the main points. One thing that you can rest assured about is the fact that regardless of what you choose, you are going to enjoy the product.