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Google Maps – Will There Be a Free Download for Apple Carplay?


Speculations, every time Apple launches something new, are not surprising. Apple’s CarPlay, an infotainment system due to release later this year, makes use of cutting edge Apple technology.

The interesting part is that it also includes support for a few third party apps. Right now, this number of apps is abysmally low – 4 to be exact. So if you want to purchase the CarPlay, you will be able to access Beats Music, Stitcher, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Apple has already installed its own apps, including the Apple Music, Maps, Podcasts, and Messaging apps on the iTunes Store.

Is There Space for Google?

Remember the time when Google Maps was loaded as the default map app on iPhones. Later, as Google and Apple saw more and more differences with each other, Apple decided to come up with its own map app. This was a disaster when it was first launched. The Apple Maps did not work and if they did, they goofed up badly. Though Apple Maps have improved considerably since then, they are still not on a par with the already well established and spectacularly admired Google Apps. So when it was announced that Apple Maps are still not completely ready, it leaves a lot of room to wonder if Apple would turn to Google for Map support.

Third Party Maps – Reality or Fiction

There is no clear indication if Apple is considering opening up its platform to third party apps. However, industry experts believe that eventually Apple will have no other option but to allow third party apps on its platform. Google is already ahead if Apple, as far as apps in a car are concerned. Even if Google were unable to make it to CarPlay, it would most probably be Apple’s loss and not Google’s, as Google already has a presence in the car app market.

How Google Maps Scores Over Apple Maps

Most of the leading car manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, use some kind of Google location services and Maps APIs in the vehicles they manufacture. Whether it is Google Maps, Google Places, or Google’s Send-to-Car, care makers use a lot of Google apps and map features to improve their car’s navigation system. In the near future too, Google is slated to come up with many more interesting and useful auto features. In fact, they will be able to put Android in cars very soon as part of Google’s Open Automotive Alliance.


Whether Apple allows Google into its CarPlay or not, Google is already way ahead of it. As far as putting apps into a car is concerned, Google has the lead already. Google may already be working on ‘Projected Mode’, a special mode that allows you to stream apps directly to your car’s dashboard. Whatever the case may be, Apple will have to do a lot more, and work a lot harder to catch up with Google. It has been able to maintain its lead for the time being. Till CarPlay actually releases, it is all going to be speculation only.