If you do not know, Project Spark is not a game into itself but a digital canvas released by Microsoft that can be used to develop video games. In fact, it is better to label this experiment as a video game making video game. The beta version of Project Spark is now open for all and anyone who has Xbox One can use this digital canvas to change his gaming experience. This project contains tool kit that can be used by the gamer to make changes in his experiences. While Project Spark debuted during E3 last year, it was made available for Windows in December and for Xbox One users only last month.

Use Project Spark to change aspects of your game
Team Dakota announced the opening of beta phase of Project Spark to all Xbox Oneproject spark owners saying that they are free to use it without requiring any beta code. If you want, you can download and install the game making game from Xbox One store. As a gamer, you can use new techniques such as Kinect and SmartGlass to make changes in your gaming world. You can create terrains and also make changes in the behaviors of the characters inside a game. Create waterfalls, mountains, deserts; snow capped peaks, grasslands, and other terrains depending upon your liking using Project Spark. There have been many who have made use of Project Spark to create video games based upon the genres of arcade, action, construction, etc in the short time that this project has been open in beta form to them.

Get the tips and tricks of Project Spark from one of the developers
Many experts believe that Project Spark is going to change the future of gaming as gamers now need not wait till the next TU or update from the developers. They also do not need to request changes to be implemented as they can make use of Project Spark and install changes on their own. No more waiting period for you if there is something in the game play or characters that irritates you and forces you to stop playing. If you have tried but failed to achieve the desired changes in your favorite game, you can pick up the tricks of the trade from none other than one of the developers of the game himself, Major Nelson, who will be explaining the concept on Twitch streaming website this week.

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