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Ozzy Beer Prompts Lawsuit


Leaving store shelves soon
Leaving store shelves soon
If, by chance, you happen to be a fan of “Ozzy” beer, you’d better stock up while you can.

Lawyers for Ozzy Osbourne are trying to stop a brewer from making the unauthorized ale.

“Ozzy” beer is the creation of Baltimore-based The Brewer’s Art, and comes in cans featuring images of the Ozzman’s knuckle tattoos as well as a bat.

Ozzy’s legal team has apparently issued a cease-and-desist order, and brewery head Tom Creegan announced the “Ozzy” beer would be pulled from store shelves.

However, The Baltimore Sun claims liquor stores in the city were still selling the beer this week, with six-packs available Thursday afternoon at Brewer’s Art.

The beer was acclaimed by brew enthusiasts, with the drink getting a 90 out of 100 rating on the Beer Advocate web site.

Alas, I never got a chance to try it. And now, never will.

Thanks, Ozzy.