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Candy Crush Saga – Why People Love this Free Download


Candy Crush Saga is among one of the most popular games on both iTunes Store and Google Play Store today.

The success of this game has been enormous and the team at King’s attributes it to hard work and dedication in creating a game that would be relevant to everyone. Here are some reasons why people have loved this game and made it so popular.

The Game is Free to Play

Though this is a freemium game, it is simple enough to push players ahead without having to spend any money. In fact, in a statement released in September 2013, it was declared that 70% Candy Crush players had never spent a single penny on buying upgrades, special powers, or lives. Even though critics have often defined it as a manipulative game that leads people to spend money on it, this statement quashes critics’ doubts about how free the game really is.

The Game is Accessible and Polished

From the graphics of the game, to the simple gameplay, Candy Crush Saga is both accessible and sophisticated. People get hooked on it simply because it is so simple that you can beat it easily if you wanted to. This is also one of the reasons why people often end up paying for upgrades. Though the critics often say that this game is meant for simple-minded people who cannot distinguish between a good game and a bad one, the fact remains that this game enthralls everyone that plays it.

It Appeals to Non Gamers As Well

After a really long time, there is a game that appeals to non-gamers. Even if you have never been keen on playing any other games, you will find this game to be very entertaining and interesting. Candy Crush Saga simply has a huge player base, and this player base is completely mainstream. You will find people playing this game during their commutes. No matter who the person is, what their age or status is, they will probably be playing this game and sharing their scores on Facebook.

What’s Next?

While the game is very popular, the fact is that several other similarly popular games have lost their sheen moving forth. Some of the glaring examples are FarmVille and CityVille – both of which had millions of active daily players till 2010. However, as new games keep coming up, interest in older games keeps waning, despite regular updates and changes to the gameplay. Candy Crush Saga has a history similar to that of FarmVille and if things go the same way, people may soon find the game to be too addictive to be in good taste, and may desire to move on from it to find other, better games. King already has a lot of other games that follow in the footsteps of Candy Crush Saga. Yet, they have put all their eggs in one basket and all the other games are riding Candy Crush Saga’s tailcoats to popularity. So it is not clear what the future holds for the game, but if history is any indicator, things may soon change.