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Skype – Here are the New Exciting Features Available Free for Download


We all know Skype.

It is a very popular communication software that has been used worldwide by many different kinds of people for various purposes. Some online learning institutions use Skype to conduct tutorials online. Some business people who have to manage things while they are away from colleagues use Skype to conduct meeting and important conference calls. Friends use Skype to keep in touch when separated by miles for some reason or another. It has become one of those household names in the area of communication. As a matter of fact, take a look at your friends’ computers, and for sure, you will see Skype among the applications that they have installed.

Skype is constantly being updated in order to give users a better communication experience. And we can now get to experience new useful Skype features that can be used every day.

HD Video Calls

Ever experienced video calling and yet what you saw on your screen was a pixelated blur? It’s really annoying at the least. It defeats the purpose for which you started a video call in the first place. We make video calls because we want to see the person’s face. But with low quality video, that’s just not possible. Especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

But now, Skype makes it possible for users to have a much better communication experience, with crystal clear video that will make us feel like we were talking with someone who was just in the same place as us. Isn’t that great? We can clearly see the other person’s facial expressions, we can convey our messages much more easily.

Talk with All Your Friends at Once

There will always be those instances when you just need to spread the word about something great that has happened to you, to tell people some good news or another. Imagine calling several people and saying the same thing over and over again. It can be pretty taxing, and surely, by the time you get to your third call, you will have lost much of the enthusiasm that you initially had. Well, that is, unless you had something to share that’s really big that your excitement would not diminish no matter how many times you have to repeat the story.

But really, let’s get practical. It’s much better to have a way to break the news once and for all. No more second, third, fourth calls. Because you can gather as many as nine people, which means you can have ten people in one call including you, in a Skype conference call or video call.

Gather all the people that you need to talk to in one place and spill the beans right then and there. It’s just like any normal social gathering that can happen even if many of you are not in the same place as you. We live in borderless times. We can reach the farthest parts of the globe with just a click of a mouse.

Send SMS to Your Friends’ Phones

Can’t reach your contacts on Skype and you really need to say something? You can use Skype to send text messages to your friends’ phones as long as you have enough Skype credits that will enable you to do so. The great thing about this is that even though this is a paid feature, you can avail of this at reasonable prices.

In times of emergency, it can come in really handy since you will then have an alternative in sending your messages to people you need to reach.

Use Skype on Any Device

You can use it on your laptop, on your desktop, on your smartphone, and on your tablet computer. It’s very convenient.