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Calligra 2.8: Words At Glance


Some of us still use the old but reliable MS Office 2003, simply because it is…simple. Many text editors appeared lately, but it seems like the old ones are the good ones, especially because they can do anything that new programs can do. One exception comes out of the crowd. Calligra just reached the 2.8 version bringing more interesting text editing ideas for users of Linux, Windows or even for mobile operating OS.

Calligra 2.8 comes with the most interesting text editing features, far betterCalligra than the ones of MS Office. If you are the type of person that likes to take care even of the slightest detail of a document, than this is exactly what you need.

The Calligra Suite is a combination of tools made for KDE desktops. Don’t hurry to look for some kind of emulators for KDE, because you don’t need one. You don’t even need to run the KDE on Linux to use Calligra, because it runs on any desktop.

The Word Processor, the Spreadsheet and the Deck Printer are far better than any editor made since now, compared with any of the alternative offerings. They are simple to use, easy to understand and to learn. It is all about creativity today, so instead of looking for minutes to find a suitable font, use your time effectively to create the exact document that you need.

Charting and formulas
Yes, it is possible to draw charts even since Office 98, but Calligra takes those to a completely new level. You have the digital painting studio that will make you the most interesting analyzing tools, ready to be put in a professional presentation that will impress your boss. This is not all. The graphic vector editor allows you to maneuver images like never before. Well, we can’t say that it has all the facilities of Photoshop, but it is the best replacing tool if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the classical photo editor.

Even the installment is easy. All the nine modules are available with one download. It also integrates desktop dependencies since the installation.
Calligra is completely independent from other programs, but the files made with this program can be converted directly in formats accepted by other editors. In other words, you can renounce your entire image and word editing tools, programs and updates, because Calligra will replace all of those easily.