One of the main arguments of people that refuse to buy a gaming console is the lack of available titles on those. In Famous Second Son comes to correct this problem, offering the PlayStation 4 fans a good reason to make the transition to NextGen.
The first two in Famous titles made a great impression for PS3. Second Son continues the tradition, being considered the best exclusive game for PS4.

Why is inFamous so great?
Even if the PS4 is the first console that you have, or if you prefer the Xbox 360, you don’t have to be scared about inFamous. The new game is fully independent from the previous ones, even if there are some references about events happened during the first two games.
Cole MacGarth, the hero of the two games does not appear in the new title, as we have a new main character. We are talking about Delsin Rowe, a member of the Amerindian community that has uncommon abilities. This one is young and impulsive, and this is perfect for exploring the new powers.
As it was expected, the narration in Second Son revolves around the conduits, which are persons with incredible abilities, renegades from the rest of population and hunted by a paramilitary organization. Delsin becomes the main target of this organization named DUP, but his special powers and your playing skills will get him out of difficult situations. Smoke and neon are only two of the special abilities, but we recommend you to discover the rest of those by yourself.
Leaving the offensive abilities away, it is important to know a few things about efficient crossing around the environment. inFamous takes place in an open world, and this makes Deslin a little clumsy sometimes. The new powers are great to make you forget about those, but you might lose a few battles only because the character does not move as you like.
InFamous Second Son has another strong reason for players to buy it. It is the first game of the series that takes place in a real city, Seattle. It is divided in two main islands, each one with its own sectors. The secondary objectives of Delsin are to liberate those from the control of DUP.
A small disappointment
The game is shorter than the first two. An experienced player can finish it in less than 10 hours. Even so, there are many reasons to start it again, to solve the secondary quests and to take decisions in the favor of people. You can decide to be a merciless killer also, if you like. The secondary quests will prolong your pleasure, and those are the reasons why inFamous 3 is maybe the best PS4 exclusive game…since now.

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