Behold as the game Invasion is not yet over. As a matter of fact, it comes with it’s newest update, the Invasion 2.7. If you are one of those people who are enjoying this game, then you’ll love this game update all the more.

Leave on an exciting new level 55 story arc the “Forged ALLIANCES” and many more! Shield the Jedi as well as Sith home planets in newly produced Level 55 Flashpoints, contend in the new Quesh Huttball Battleground and battle for power of the newest Galactic Starfighter Fight Zone Denon in this game update of the Invasion!

New Level 55 Flashpoints: Set Yourself to Invade Tython INVADE TYTHON
Then again KORRIBAN

Hop into two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban and set out on an energizing new Level 55 story curveStar Warfare Alien Invasion1 “Fashioned Alliances,” where the galactic clash between the Empire and the Republic takes all important focal point.

Get ready to attack the adversary’s territory and after that safeguard the Jedi or Sith home planets as you meet a group of new interesting characters, including the daring Theron Shan, Satele Shan, the child of Jedi Grandmaster, and a complex Sith Lord named as Lana Beniko whose enthusiasm lies in unwinding mysteries behind the foes of the Empire.

Contend in the Huttball PVP Warzone on Quesh

Nobleman Deathmark and the radiant Giradda the Hutt are extending the severe game of Huttball to Quesh! This new PvP Warzone’s vertical design implies you and your group will need to cooperate to ascend structures rather than over a field to score focuses. Utilize the new “hooking blasters” found all around the ground to drive yourself to the level above. Cheerful climbing!

Fight for control of Denon in Galactic Starfighter

Evade tremendous capital ships and battle off foe strike in factional space fights in the new Battle Zone, the Denon Exosphere. Matching Coruscant in size, Denon’s thickly populated urban communities structure an entrancing presentation of lights that give the ideal setting to instinctive Star Wars™ 12v12 dogfights as you battle for control of this basic hyperspace intersection.

Fight in the Nightmare Mode Operation: The Dread Fortress

Put your group’s aptitudes to a definitive test as you face the five supervisors, now more awful than at any time in the past! Gain your spot around the most venerated warriors and get abundantly compensated with an important new level of apparatus for your endeavor

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