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Subway Surfers – Your Free Download Reaches Mexico City


For those who love Subway Surfers, there is more news to cheer.

The game, which has been touring the world and adding new destinations to its Virtual Tour Around the World, has just made an unprecedented stop – at Mexico City. The Tour Around the World is an excellent update to the game, where the characters tour the world and you can see various cities and get a glimpse of cultures from around the world. This is a refreshing change from the often repeated graphics, which can get mundane if you play the game regularly.

The Virtual Tour around the World

Subway Surfers has been around the world, stopping at some of the most famous cities. In the USA, Subway Surfers featured New York, Miami and New Orleans, but the fun does not stop here. The game traveled to some other destinations including Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, Australia’s Sydney, Italy’s Rome, France’s Paris, Japan’s Tokyo, China’s Beijing, England’s London, Russia’s Moscow, South Korea’s Seoul and India’s Mumbai. At all these places, the graphics change though the game play remains the same. Your game characters can also be dressed in new clothes and each new destination unlocks some nifty new limited feature items as well.

The Mexico City Chapter

This time, Subway Surfers has decided to pull a stop at its neighbor Mexico’s capital – Mexico City. Once here, you can see the graphics change immediately, portraying the culturally rich backdrop of one of the most intriguing civilizations of the world. Here, you can explore some of the rich markets and beautiful landscapes. You get a new partner – Rosa, and you can dress both Brody and Rosa in new outfits from Mexico. The limited edition collection gets an addition too. You can now add a prickly board to your collection of boards, and you can also enjoy the weekly hunt. Here you will be searching for hot chilies and getting interesting prizes to find them.

The Intrigue of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers quickly became popular among the fans of dash and dodge games like Temple Run. A lot of people believe the game to be a rip off of the original dash and dodge game, but those who play Subway Surfers know that the game is much more intriguing, with a very fast paced gameplay and much more interesting graphics. The game is compatible with both Android and iOS, and can be run on any Android and iOS 5.0 or later enabled devices. The game is available as a free download and it would not take you very long to master. The game play is very simple, and the continuous dodging makes it both interesting and challenging. You will be running around in the subways, collecting coins and special powers as well as upgrades. You can also buy new upgrades from the in-game shop. The Virtual Tour around the World gives you an opportunity to take your characters to many new countries and cities, where you can enjoy.