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Angry Birds Free – Why It Was Once Hailed to Be the Biggest Game Ever?


When Angry Birds was launched, it was a game that was one of its own kind.

There were many things that gamers loved. It wasn’t the regular game that gamers were hooked to. Angry Birds was a revolution in itself. The entire game play, the characters, the scene, the interface and other aspects of the game; all of them gave an edge to Angry Birds.

The fact that this game was way different from the others that were trending at that time was a reason in itself for the incredible popularity that it enjoyed.

A Game for People of All Age Groups

Perhaps, one of the key factors that contributed to the stunning popularity of Angry Birds is the fact that it catered to people of all age groups. Not just children, but youth and even grows ups were hooked to this game. There were too many good points to be ignored and the smart graphics the catchy animation, the brilliantly colorful birds and the tips and tricks that you had to use for the game; all made an attractive package.

Both children and grown-ups were found hooked, playing Angry Birds and trying the best ways by which they can clear the levels and could progress further ahead in the game.

Friends Love to Beat Friends

When you are playing this game, you have the comfort of competing with your friends. It was extremely common to find friends asking each other the levels on which they are stuck and the high scores as well. Such comparisons engage a competitive spirit among friends and this further pushed the popularity meter even higher. Soon, one could find Angry Birds mobile apps and thus everyone started getting hooked to what turned out to be one of the best games ever.

However, with the passage of time, the game dipped a little in the popularity meter as it was no longer the number one game any more. However, despite new games popping up, you can still find gamers who love playing Angry Birds. The Angry Birds merchandise is still in trend as it has become a timeless choice for many.

If you haven’t played this game before, it is good enough to try it once. If you love the interface and the game, you might just end up paying it for hours on an end.